My Dollar Store Flip!! $$ I made some money! $$ What Sold!

My Dollar Store Flip!! $$ I made some money! $$ What Sold!

My Dollar Store Flip!! $$ I made some money! $$ What Sold!
I have always wanted to resell something I bought at the $1 store. Lol Sooooooo…….. here is my Dollar store flip! This is a retail arbitrage flip. I would not call it a BOLO because I do not need to be on the look out! These items are always at my Dollar Store. Comment below. How do you think I did?
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24 Thoughts to “My Dollar Store Flip!! $$ I made some money! $$ What Sold!”

  1. That was a cool turnover, don’t think I would be that lucky . Thanks was interesting.

  2. Hey Courtney!  A sale is a sale in my book!  I think it was a great idea and I will be visiting my Dollar Store next week!  Still no thrift stores open in Southern California so a girl has to go what a girl has to do!  LOL!  Thank you for the lead!

  3. Way to go. I was just at the dollar Tree the other day to sell on Ebay. 💰🌲👍

  4. I buy a TON of Dvds and Blu Rays at the Dollar Store to resell on Ebay.. Sometimes I have to wait 6-8 months to list them because everyone likes to RACE TO THE BOTTOM and sell them for $5 shipped which means they would make maybe .25 per disc. But if you have the cash it is a decent investment.

  5. I recently got a lot of coloring books and word seek books for $.01 at Dollar General. I might try to lot them up after watching this video. Thanks!

  6. Personally. You are right. Go with your thoughts. I have worked ar DT and most of the DT stores run out of these teaching books. I personally wouldn't chance the investment. But go with your instinct. Good Sell!🤸‍♀️🌞👍🦸‍♀️

  7. Oh my gosh the sloth was adorable 😍😍

  8. Oh cool. I bought some of those books for my kids when this stay at home order started and we didn't used some. Maybe I should throw them up on ebay.

  9. You can go in especially to the book section of the Dollar tree and scan the upc! Lots of them sell for 10.00 or more on Amazon.

  10. Also, you may want to invest in the 2 inch tape dispenser. I sure got tired of finding that darn tape that gets wrapped around itself.

  11. I have a couple of Dollar Trees near me and they don't always have the same items. That was a good idea, and someone was probably very happy to get those books. Not everyone has a Dollar store near them.

  12. I like the flip. You could do it again for sure. 👍👍👍

  13. Hey Courtney you go girl, stay safe out there👍❤️

  14. It’s nice to see you beautiful hair, sans hat (although I love the hat) 🤗

  15. This works really well with some of the Target $1 spot section too.

  16. Sweet- I would do it again- You need to retire that Tape Gun thou- lol

  17. I recently added Dollar store inventory to my store. Definitely bundle for best profit. I try to keep shipping to 1st class. Good bread & butter.

  18. I found some candy that’s selling really good mine has not sold yet lol

  19. Yes! Love dollar store finds

  20. I would try this. I think bundling is the key to dollar store finds. I dont do much retail arbitrage anymore either. Thanks for another great video.

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