My Best Advice to Get Less Returns Selling on eBay

My Best Advice to Get Less Returns Selling on eBay

Returns can be extremely discouraging and annoying to deal with. If you find yourself dealing with them constantly, and want to minimize them, take a look at this video! In this video, I share 5 tips with you to help lower the number of returns in your business.

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7 Thoughts to “My Best Advice to Get Less Returns Selling on eBay”

  1. Thanks for the tips Steve. I’m getting back into the eBay game since this Covid-19 debacle. I need extra money but hate the thought of dealing with returns & difficult customers. Can you make a video regarding if we should add shipping or do free shipping? Thanks.🙏🏻😊

  2. Hi i love your channel please tell me fastest way to do ebay spreadsheet to calculate total profit and losses how do you add up all cost of goods etc i need help asap thank you!

  3. Hey Steve, NW Hills Picker all the way from OR. Really Good Video, especially with photos. I have been selling on eBbay for just over a year & I truly believe the extra time spent editing photos- cropping, closeups as well as multiple angles will produce more sales. Agreed Buyers buy via photos, & at the same will find your listing with all of the key words you spoke of!

  4. Great video! When you state an item is untested should I state no returns? How would you handle items when purchased wholesale and those items you don’t have a way to test do you state untested and with no returns?

  5. Go Raiken Profits!! Always Raiken in that 💰 CASH!!!!

  6. M W

    I sold a pair of mens shorts. Buyer wants to return them not as described because tag size an inch different than actual measurements. I stated this clearly twice in the listing. He wrote me a nasty note calling me a crook – I told him politely to return them and I would refund him the price of the shorts – He did not and left me negative feedback. Because ebay phone system is closed I don't know how to get this negative feedback removed. So unfair and I think I'm going to stop selling men's clothes because the only problem I have had with nasty people is always men. No offense

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