*MUST WATCH* How to Make Money On Amazon FBA – With , Will Tjernlund & Brian Burt

*MUST WATCH*  How to Make Money On Amazon FBA - With , Will Tjernlund & Brian Burt

http://www.OverGrowth.com – In this Brian Burt original film, Brian visits with $10,000,000 a Year Amazon Seller, Will Tjernlund in a frigind Minneapolis winter.

Together the two discuss how to start making money with Amazon FBA whether you’ve got zero, $5,000 – $10,000, or even $50,000 dollars to invest.

This is a great video and a definite “must watch” if you’re interested in selling on Amazon.


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25 Thoughts to “*MUST WATCH* How to Make Money On Amazon FBA – With , Will Tjernlund & Brian Burt”

  1. Sound is not good. It echoes. Very difficult to listen to.

  2. Guys I swear I just got free $6154_real money from this_amazing website>>>>pypmon.win/?4oH9LG Try once.

  3. the millionaire yooungster looks a bit like boxer julio cesar chavez jr with short hair!

  4. How to start with no money? 😒 Dropshipping?

  5. i think you sill can improve the audio quality of this video

  6. Sounds like a good method. I have tried different methods for making money online over the last 7 years and only a handful of them work.

  7. Wow – super informative vid. So guys I'm a total newbie I'm 63 years old and keen to set up an ongoing income by retirement time (65 here in Australia). So the big question is can i operate as an Amazon seller using FBA from Australia. I wouldn't be selling into Australia as I think shipping costs and international limitations would make it prohibitive. So I would see myself as a seller into the American market but just operating from the land of Oz. Love some feedback so I don''t sped too much time pursuing something thats unattainable – cause I'm super pumped by all Ive seen and read.
    Thanks again for the vid – real casual and real interesting – would relish some feedback. Cheers – Steve Atkin (Australia)

  8. Great video. Thanks. Need to work on the sound….

  9. If you want to learn How to make money online.?.Just Search Google; "Mojo Make Money System"

  10. bruh, wtf. is that lipstick?

  11. Great intro but once you started the interview the audio was awful😐.

  12. a big eco, i can not hear you very good , very bad sound….

  13. Great show guys! For a newbie, can u ou give any advice on picking the right dropshipper and how do you build a catalog? Showing my newbiness here. lol

  14. So you'll need $50,000 to be successful on amazon? That sucks if that's true, but I don't think it is.

  15. i wish the audio was more Crystal clear !!

  16. The production is very sophisticated, but what is up with the audio?

  17. wealth of information guys thank you!

  18. my brain is overload wheew, nice video, what he mean about , its easy to sell a thousand product a day than…. ? thanks

  19. Can you suggest a drop shipper? I ran into a lot that   wouldn't ship in a timely manor and one that actually didn't ship at all.

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