Music Facebook Ads vs Spotify Playlist Promotion

Music Facebook Ads vs Spotify Playlist Promotion

Should you use Spotify playlist promotion to promote your next single? Or maybe Facebook ads? I’ve done both, and i’ll share my results with you in this video with actual Spotify for Artist data to back it up. One provides high volumes of cheap streams, but no access to fans and horrible song engagement. The other provides more expensive up-front cost, but much higher follow rates and song saves, and you’ll get on more playlists, and you’ll gain social media followers.

Spotify playlists are touted as the holy grail of music marketing in 2020. As a result many artists rely on it solely to promote their music, and get mediocre results. In my most recent Facebook/Instagram ad campaign I achieved greater than 10X the result I was getting through playlist promotion, AND it cost less.

Compared to Spotify playlist promotion, the FB ad campaign:
– Had a 10X higher save ratio
– Increased 40 followers in a week
– Added the song to 43 playlists
– Increased my social media followers
– Gave me audience data for retargeting


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36 Thoughts to “Music Facebook Ads vs Spotify Playlist Promotion”

  1. Curious how I actually set up the Facebook ad used in this video? Learn how in this video:

  2. Cool tip… But maybe the song is just better than the others… For me, it sounds fresh, cool vocal lines and doesn´t sound like some other artist… That´s what caught my attention and would make me save the song… Thanks for sharing

  3. Nice Content , i also know a trusted service to enhance your spotify streams naturally for thousend with playlist pitching the service is called Orion Promotion

  4. hello how long it takes from the day people listen to my music via instagram ads until the analytics can be seen on spotify?

  5. Hey, thank you for the real content. Subbed

  6. this is dope, no bullshitting with "big words" to sounds smart like other people smh. but did you have them go straight to the song its self?

  7. Man, this is what I was searching for – true guy from real world with real results and numbers! No promises, no shit around, just explaining the topic very simple, easy-understanding, thank you for that. I watched so many videos, but this is really the diamond in a mountains of sand! Thank you for that, really, I am going to watch all your videos now!

  8. Its because the ad was on point and the song was dope. keep working.

  9. Why wouldn’t you put a link to your Spotify profile in the ad instead of to a specific song?

  10. This is so relatable ❤️

  11. This is great information that's not spammy and actually works. I think I still have some tweaking to do for my stuff, but this was extremely insightful and thank you for putting it up.

  12. Thanks for the video, very informative. I have tried various services before and lost a lot of money and honestly the only service that worked was They are responsive, offer a organic service and genuinely care about their clients.

  13. playlists additions are bad…playlist pusher are bad bad

  14. Most importantly (to me, a fellow artist) neutron sounds pretty dope

  15. Thank you so much for this information!! I have really loved my result from FB Ads and was really dreading growing my Spotify listeners with playlists. You really helped me with my decision on how to start. Thank you! You are awesome! New subscriber! Great music btw.

  16. What was your location targeting and age targeting set as on your Instagram ad?

  17. Cool. Thanks. Like and subscribe. )

  18. .Thanks very much for this. I'm running Facebook ads for a short while and was looking at how to promote my Spotify page through the curated playlists, but had a really bad feeling about having to pay to approach playlist owners . I know you can do it for free to some extent but then they make you pay after a temporary free trial. This was coupled by another YT Vid about how this guy got hardly any return for his efforts financially and otherwise. ill stick to FB ads. Good work .best of luck to you.

  19. what should be the recommended budget for new single releases?

  20. Great info here Andrew. Thanks so much for doing this!

  21. Can you elaborate on how you targeted your audience?

  22. I’m part of the family now

  23. Use trece one , 50$ of playlisting guarantees you 10,000 plays , which equals about 50$ in revenue so you get all your money back while tripping algorithms, worked for
    Me , I spent roughly 200$ on play-listing and within 2 months I gained 50,000 streams , only paid for 30,000 streams so I’m already on the green and no bullshit idk if they run bots on their playlists but it’s it Irrelevant cause it got my music to a point where ppl from other countries get to hear it and it pops up after xxxtentacion songs and shit like that …you should check it out too lmao and let this be a lesson to you , never stop promoting!

  24. I want to try insta story ads for sure!

  25. yeah, the facebook ad to spotify didn't work for me. I got 3 clicks in 7 days!! #wasteofmoney for me.

  26. Hey man great video. Question : I’ve been using Facebook ads to promote my song with a direct link to my Spotify song. The ad has gotten thousands of link clicks but I’m not getting any Spotify plays. Any information as to why this might be ?! Thanks !

  27. Great video, very motivating! Thanks Andrew! 🙂

  28. YOU ARE THE GOAT, subbed I appreciate you

  29. You've completely blown my mind – it all makes sense now! 😂 I spend my whole promo budget on submithub, but It's going to be Facebook ads from now on. I've subscribed 👍

  30. That playlist with 33 plays, the name of the playlist is in Swedish and means “Tired playing my old playlist” but it’s sloppily written with a few missed letters. Oh and the persons name is a girls name. Just thought you might be curious 🙂

  31. Dude… AGAIN!… Where have you been hiding all my life!!!!!!!!????? We need to talk bro! You are the real deal. We should defintiely talk. I'm in NYC. Thanks!

  32. Isn't it funny that the song called "save me" had such a bad save rate? haha

  33. You're the plug and saved me a bunch of money and time. Thank you!

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