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Missing 411

Missing 411

Based on the books series written by David Paulides Missing 411 chronicles the unsolved yet eerily similar disappearances of five children in the wilds of North America accross multiple decades. A real-life horror story for those involved, the film examines each case from multiple perspectives in an attempt to shed light on the unsettling topic. Les Stroud of Survivorman and Obama-appointed, former Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar are both interviewed for their insight into the topic, as are the families who have fallen victim to tragedy.


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46 thoughts on “Missing 411

  1. The government and law enforcement agencies know damn well what is happening to most of the people disappearing in the national parks and such. I have heard way too many stories about things that have happened and them telling people to basically shut up or else. The question that every single person in this country should be asking? Why! Why are they doing this? What in the hell are they so adamant about hiding that they will resort to intimidation and worse?

  2. Catholic camp for boys out in the middle of no were? My God these priests are sick! Makes you wonder what god does the catholic church REALLY SERVE? I do not have to guess, but maybe some of you people do. Let’s see, what has the catholic church been SO FAMOUS FOR OVER THE LAST 40 OR SO YEARS? Yeah.

  3. All of these cases have a very unmysterious connection: negligent guardians.

  4. The FBI is a joke from hell.

  5. As a parent I don’t think anyone knows how they would’ve acted being in that situation I would not even want to be in the situation period. I have done almost the same as they did , So has a lot of people

  6. Can we prove that deore jr actually went to town with his parents?

  7. I would NOT leave that area until I found my son. I would die right there looking for him.

  8. That first little boy, sounds like he got snatched up by a big cat.

  9. These parents didn't kill their kid…

  10. I really really think deorrs parents killed him

  11. Oh yea walker HONDoe .means .bad temper. Yea give us a hell of a story young man

  12. These places are so beautiful. It's really disturbing that something so horrifying can happen in these peaceful places! Of all the different parks and campgrounds I've been to, nothing like this has ever happened to me or anyone I know. My most heartfelt prayers go out to all of these people!!!!!

  13. “It was very media filled like nationally, and that put a lot of stress in the dogs” can someone tell me how the media can put a lot of stress on the dogs?

  14. Maybe they paid Issac to be the one to kill and get rid of Deore bc he even mentioned himself the grandpa would always try to help him out and work in his yard for some extra money. Like "Hey Isaac howd you like to make a shit ton of money really fast?"

  15. They found the cap of his skull. That means SOMETHING OR SOMEONE RIPPED HIS HEAD OPEN.

  16. There’s something bigger out there causing this. Something they didn’t want us to know about.

  17. 13 K dislikes? Unbelievable

  18. Wait so a young boy disappeared near a catholic camp ground? Shocking. And let’s not kid ourselves, that DeOrr boys parents absolutely killed him. Sometimes it’s just obvious and they should be tied up, left in the sun and starved until they tell the truth. No way either one of those weasels last more than a day before they start talking. Savages deserve savagery.

  19. Something is suspicious about that first story. I'm not buying it, and I suspect one or more people in that family of that little boy's disappearance.

  20. Welp, never going camping, skiing, or any type of outdoor exploring.

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  22. Some people sound full of shit even if innocent. They sound full of shit

  23. the democrats like biden and pelosi are human traffickers

  24. They should have included JIMMY HOFFAS disappearance …i meant till this day they do not know where his body or what actually happened to him.

  25. How does anyone, let alone 13K anyones, give this wonderful documentary a thumbs down? Makes no sense to me.

  26. My question is WHY WOULD THAT LIST COST 1.4 MILLION DOLLARS 💸 😠 protect and serve !!!! Not hide and serve ?? What’s the government hiding ????

  27. There’s a powerful extra terrestrial out there. There are so many different types. Some are good and some are bad.

  28. Hey Dave I was wondering if there was any scientists involved in your team? Or a paranormal group on hand? I FOLLOW YOU. I'm very interested in you work. I think your a very special person . ..unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to watch . I try to catch up Sundays . .. Thank you for what you do..PEOPLE need to know that these happening . .

  29. I would like 2say if U take a child camping @ any age especially 2 U should always make it about them. Plan Ur day around them. So many new things to take n, totally different environment. Y pawn Ur child off w/sum 1 incompetent. Makes zero sense. From the 911 call 2 their interviews, n my personal opinion I feel the mother & father no exactly what happened 2their child.

  30. Clue: they purchased feminine products.


  31. Math guy is right. So what are they hiding? Money does not take priority or lives.

  32. Well, this is a first. For both Missing 411 and Missing 411: The Hunted I receive the "This video may be inappropriate for some users" warning to which I click on "I understand and wish to proceed." The next warning I get is "Sorry, this content is age restricted." I cannot get past this point. My restrictions are turned off. I am 60+ years old. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  33. Yes sir. And i watch his uploads 3 4 even 5 times a week

  34. Thank you to all the people that put together the documentary, the folks that go out searching weather be dammed. I am glad Ben got Dave into movies with the help of Les.

  35. Those parents of Dior are suspicious I dont care what they say! Why would you just assume that he is gonna walk back to grandpa and he’s gonna want to watch the child! Like he’s your kid your responsible for him! Of course the dad “left to get service”. Idk never ever just let a 2 year old go walking away by himself. He’s 2!!!

  36. Sooo first deor parents and grandpa says he said he is right here and then , the second time they interview them they say he says I don’t know 🤷🏽‍♀️ 🧐 and honestly no Matter how much the media says whatever about me if my child is missing I want him to be all around the news every single day, and definitely will not stop searching after 3 days !!!! Ever

  37. Am I the only one who noticed how the grandpa's story changed? First he was by the creek with him and disappeared then he was by the picnic table and he said he thought he was with the parents. Maybe he was forgetful but the way he said it was sus and if he was forgetful why would you leave your child with him? And the way she said she thought he was going with the grandpa sounded like she left the three year old to catch up with him. They could be innocent but I would love to grill them about the inconsistencies. Poor Deorr.

  38. I think the thing I find most alarming is how in almost all of these cases, eyes were off the kid for entirely too long. 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes passed before people thought something was up. I'm not necessarily blaming the people involved because I do not have even part of the story, but it just seems like if you're looking after a kid and you haven't seen them for 20 or 30 minutes, you probably should have been paying more attention.

  39. Yeah no, graddad and Buddy Isaac are hiding facts. Something very off there. DeOrr's grandfather's inappropriate chuckles and nonchalance about his missing grandson is disturbing and suspect. This doesn't just go away.

  40. I feel bad for parents. I could not image what they are going through. Praying they find him.

  41. Bless this family. I don’t believe that they had anything to do with their missing child other than not keeping him with them. People who made those nasty remarks need to go through something as horrible. I will never blame someone without 100% proof. God help them find that missing child.

  42. I feel so bad for his dad. I can not believe fisherman did not keep him till family came for him. I believe there is an unknown creature out there.

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