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Meeting With Jake Paul on Team10, Twitch, and Growing Your Following | GaryVee Business Meeting

Meeting With Jake Paul on Team10, Twitch, and Growing Your Following | GaryVee Business Meeting

Awesome to have Jake Paul stop by my office and talk about where he’s planning on taking Team 10, how he may use Twitch in the future, and what he can be doing to be tunnel visioned on growing his audience.

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48 thoughts on “Meeting With Jake Paul on Team10, Twitch, and Growing Your Following | GaryVee Business Meeting

  1. WTF GARY VEE you are bringing JAKE PAUL , the fuck guy who brings video of PORN on his 20M CHANNEL😡

  2. A year later, I don’t think he took Gary’s advice !!

  3. its like david dobrik…. always content for the consumer…

  4. love jake paul. this was a great episode. say what you want about the kid but he is a fucking executor

  5. How amazing to be able to be a fly on the wall in conversations like this. Thanks guys

  6. Jake looks a bit tense … but didnt know he was so up in the business hierarchy

    The smarter and more wise you get the less you talk 😉

  7. If you really came to the comments section to hate on Jake Paul, you really haven´t been listening to Gary´s advice

  8. Gary: Ethics!!!
    Gary: Works with problematic tool, Jake Paul

  9. Can’t believe I haven’t seen this! Super cool.

  10. DP

    WTF Gary..? Meeting with the king of douche bags himself – Jake Paul? Cmon man you're better than that. You get a dislike from me.

  11. lol I can't watch Jake looking confused as fuck trying to work out every word that's being said

  12. Jake probably had no idea what the fuck he was saying lol

  13. jake paul looks like a confused little kid….. i wont deny they are creative but never cared for him because i feel as if they have been throwing away their creativity to act like children. seeing this and them with gary gives me hopes they will be better and bigger than they are now

  14. Just saw a bright pink journal and matching poster of Jake Paul at Wal-Mart today that said "it's everyday bro" it was so bad it was good and I don't know how to feel about it.

  15. No wonder why Jake is so good at business moves. Gary's essence in everything Jake do

  16. Man, im peruvian, please come to peru!

  17. I want to start a channel called sallypants

  18. Now I understand Jake's strange life. He is loved by many. Perhaps a Golden Child

  19. Tell this cameras operators that they have to learn to film correctly, both camera frames are looking to the same direction, when the faces have to be one in front the it her. Hope you learn something today.❤️

  20. I feel like Gary Vee’s biggest value is genuine, vulnerable, candid conversations about accountability. I’m in the middle of my ten hours of Gary as I open my T-shirt/poster/lifestyle shop and it’s been damn helpful

  21. GV – What happened to your business with Jake TeamDom?

  22. It’s working, Perú 🇵🇪 is in the housee, hope ur coming soon!!

  23. Jake's only dream is to sell hoodies to impressionable tweens by any means necessary. He's doing exactly that. He qualifies for Gary's advice. I don't think Gary cares about Jake for a minute. This is just good SEO.

  24. This is like the Lil Pump x J. Cole meeting

  25. Jake paul sounds so stupid in this interview😂😂

  26. Blowing everyone minds and this dude is like “yeah”

  27. Why was there 1.3k dislikes? Bro this is an amazing meet. Jake hasn't run an international business for 20+ years, but he's got a good social media and brand start. I freaking love this video.

  28. jake-gary handshake in the end was painful

  29. idk but i really respect Jake Paul for sitting and listening carefully without speaking

  30. This is a great video! Super insightful

  31. i am not a fan of jake paul but he is a biz man and i like it

  32. Is that his agent or does he work for the Team 10 agency?

  33. Where is the twitch video? Looked for it on the channel but didn't find it

  34. back to jake paul 1.0 – hes right

  35. Jake is sooo quietttt haha 😂 And Gary, as always, gives such bomb ass advice!

  36. yo if gary met me in person i bet u he'd want to punch me because ive been talking A LOT but i havent been MOVING nor producing ANY CONTENT

    but fuck that's the first step right? realizing that im full of bullshit and i actually need to act and do shit and eat shit

  37. this was so fucking hunnets holy shit

  38. Oh no!!!! Jake Paul :/ we all cannot stand this dude.

  39. mic your guest please. it's almost unwatchable

  40. I'm using AKG 141 MK II, I should be hearing other people too, not just Mr.Vee. It sounds almost like he is talking alone. PLease mic everybody.

    Incredibly smart though. Great vlog.

  41. Me.

    i love how silly and awkward jake was lol, he ended with "keep doin it" to Gary haha smooth

  42. A lot of you disliking this video and talking trash in the comments are never going to get anywhere in life, let alone business. If you don’t understand why this video is posted and why Gary has these meetings with certain people than this content flew way over your head and you are just part of the “YouTube community”. For you to dislike someone so much proves you have wayyyy too much time on your hands. Again, you people are part of the YouTube community, the gossip, the rumors, the likes and dislikes. You are not here to build yourself, build your business and build your life. You are here to gossip and talk shit, it’s a shame. Literally everything Gary Vee is saying to you is going in one ear and out the other.

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