Maxbounty + Facebook Ads + Sweepstake Strategy!

Maxbounty + Facebook Ads + Sweepstake Strategy!

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10 Thoughts to “Maxbounty + Facebook Ads + Sweepstake Strategy!”

  1. Hi man been following you for a while. looking at the sweepstakes paid course, would like to know if this covers most of the stuff i need to know to start earning. thanks

  2. Android users want more money and fall victim to sweepstakes. So racist 😡😡😡

  3. Do you have any courses, or know of any that go over Google display ads?

  4. How many ad accounts do you have. I've heard tons lately that Facebook is cracking down on affiliates. And affiliates having to cloak and farm accounts to remain profitable Is the terms if service and disclosures enough to remain compliant with Facebook advertising rules. I've heard Facebook does not like Sweepstakes offers.

  5. Do you think PeerFly is a good network and paying for the leads.Do you think the SOI works nowadays? I heard and saw that many people who promoted SOI doesnt get payed because its more than one page for the email address.Do you know anything about this?

  6. You have so many courses which one are you talking about I'm ready to learn ???

  7. Hi, Ben in your super affiliate marketing course is there a place to ask you questions if we do not understand something?

  8. I Spent almost $400 fb sweep takes offer i generate $27

    My fault i Don't put pixels and retargeting.

    Now my question is on that time if i retarget my audience any possibility generate money

  9. How much budget is required to get $1000 a day on maxbounty dashboard(sweepstake)

  10. In India it's 2:40am …..still watching ur video

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