Maxbounty Facebook Ads (2020) Blueprint, Step By Step Tutorial

Maxbounty Facebook Ads (2020) Blueprint, Step By Step Tutorial

In this video, we discuss how to take an offer from Maxbounty and run traffic to it from Facebook Ads.

I walk you through the entire process, including:

1) What is Maxbounty and how does it work
2) How to pick the right offer in Maxbounty
3) How to create the proper tracking link
4) How to landing page and quick page
5) How to create Facebook Ads with the right targeting
And much, much more…

If you have any questions, leave them below.

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29 Thoughts to “Maxbounty Facebook Ads (2020) Blueprint, Step By Step Tutorial”

  1. Hello James I started following you for that great content you provide Thanks you
    But I want to know why I got rejected for my add … And how not to get rejected or account disabling ? I use landing pages but I got banned for my ad account .. What is the wrong things I did .. that get account susspention

  2. your ads not approved on Facebook ads?

  3. finally a tut that I am able to actually see everything clearly on screen, well done.

  4. Great information James, quick question – when running campaigns like this on Maxbounty, I noticed that on the offer's landing page when the user submits the email they're taken into a whole bunch of other offers and endless questionnaires. Do we get paid once they submit the email or AFTER they finish the millions of other offers that are thrown at them?

  5. Great Explanation James , I have a question, when i can use conversions en facebook ads?

  6. James I just watched watched your video it's a good video. Where did you insert the Maxbounty tracking link? I watched how you created the landing page and saw you copy the link but didn't see where you put it.

  7. Thank you. I like this video and learn something from it.

  8. how do you track your ads?

  9. Hi James, nice video first of all and thanks for that. I have a question, I am already sending traffic to this campaign and I know people fill out my form and very likely also put their email into the offer but still in my Maxbounty account I have 0 leads. Is there a confirmation process for the leads which takes several days or weeks? Or am I doing something wrong?

  10. Thanks allot for this great video , But I have one Question, Where did you paste " Max bounty Affiliate link " ? I replayed the video but I couldnt figure where did you past Max bounty link ?

  11. Thank you so much for making this video!! This was really clear to me and I can move forward making my own. If I could generate $500 that would be awesome!!

  12. Hey please talk about postbacks and voluum and any other tracking on Maxbounty we should know

  13. Hello James! Do you know a tool free for landing pages quizz?

  14. great vid going to use this as new income stream

  15. I tested this "Win $150,000" offer. They say that it is a SOI but in reality you have to complete many forms and they force you to go through many offers and register before you can enter to win $150,000. Total scam.. As soon as I entered my email address I got blasted with spam emails every few minutes… Never again…

  16. Brother Can i have your Skype ? I have some query ! Please reply !

  17. nice Video James thanx for the great content bro, i have a question? do you still run this kind of sweepstakes in FB without getting in trouble with them ?? i mean is it really safe to promote those kind of offers with FB. thanx again

  18. When you run conversion ads on FB, what do you optimize for ? LEADS?

  19. Do you just put your landing pages on your wordpress site and run the ads to your wordpress site, instead of creating a whole website with hosting and everything?

  20. Can I talk to you personally?
    Please give me you email

  21. Hi James, Many thanks for taken the time to share your knowledge and much appreciated. I am a newbie in CPA. Just launched a CPA Maxbounty FB campaign. I select Traffic for the Marketing Objective. In your tutorial, you said you don't select Traffic but conversion. Since I never sold anything previously and my FB pixel does not have a conversion record, how do you go about it. Do i just select Conversion and don't worry about FB trigger alert for saying my pixel does not have prior conversion record, I would like to have your feedback. Thanks, Abdoul

  22. Whats the profit margin ?

  23. Good learned something from watching your videos

  24. Need more videos from you about CPA Marketing

  25. Do you have tutorials for different traffic apart from FB Ads?

  26. I have liked your video is simple and easy to understand I would like to use exactly what you are using how do I access them. But in case i want to use an email list what is your advise

  27. You are gret marketer i want to talk witha you. Please give me your Skype live id

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