Marketing Tips from an Estonian Success Story: Muhoov & Printful Print on Demand

Marketing Tips from an Estonian Success Story: Muhoov & Printful Print on Demand

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How to make word of mouth work for you? Why offering free shipping is a good marketing strategy? Check out these simple but effective marketing tips from Muhoov, an Estonian clothing brand. 👩 🇪🇪

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About this video

We sat down with Katheriin Liibert, one of the founders of Muhoov, an Estonian clothing brand that helps people show the world where they’re from. Muhoov uses Printful as their print on demand & dropshipping partner to sell sweatshirts. Katheriin shared some simple but effective marketing tips, like word of mouth, free shipping, using Facebook ads and more.

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8 Thoughts to “Marketing Tips from an Estonian Success Story: Muhoov & Printful Print on Demand”

  1. Do you have any marketing tips of your own? What worked best for you? 🤔

  2. I love this kind of videos! When you will do it for the spanish market? with locals? Thanks 🙂

  3. I just started my own brand, because International Shipping procedure and cost is so expensive in Indonesia it's Impossible to send any stuff to people outside my country. Thanks for Printful to handle everything from production to shipping, now I can focus to promote my brands to the locals.

  4. I switched from Dropshipping to Print On Demand. Now I have my own Brand. I Love it.

  5. With Printful adding new taxes each time and rising shipping costs to the clouds… not a chance to offer FREE SHIPPING. I remember sending a shirt with shipping rates as low as $1.50, now you don't have an option for less than $4.

  6. Thanks! Great video and information!

  7. I've been trying to share all my business ideas with close friends, in hopes someone will jump on board with me. I seem to get flaked on over and over. Or they seem very interested then lose interest. So I'm still in limbo. Several years later. . I'd love do partner with w friend.
    (She mentions sharing with a partner.)

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