Making Money Thrifting Old Board Games to Sell on Ebay and Amazon!

Making Money Thrifting Old Board Games to Sell on Ebay and Amazon!

PRE ORDER ” Board Game Profits ” 50% TODAY!!

Board Game Profits is the ultimate sourcing guide to find some of the best 97 board games to flip on eBay and Amazon for HUGE PROFITS! This guide will release on June 18th. Pre order the guide today and save 50% OFF!!

Inside this guide you will learn about 97 money making board games that you can buy and sell on eBay and Amazon for HUGE PROFITS!

For each 97 board games you will learn:

✅ What board games sell best

✅ Pictures of each board game to identify out in the field!

✅ How much an item is worth

✅ The market demand

✅ The level of difficulty to find a specific brand

✅ A single RAIKEN PROFIT JACKPOT to lookout for within the specific brand

✅ Special notes

✅ And much, much more!

You are going to love this resource and I can promise you that it will make you a lot of money!

Be sure to take advantage of this special 50% OFF deal this week!

After this week the price will DOUBLE and you will most likely never see a deal like this in a long time on this resource.

Happy picking!

Steve with ” Raiken Profit ”



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Please always check with a professional before making any moves with your money. These videos are for educational purposes only. No official financial advice is being given. Never listen to anyone online who tells you to not check with a professional!

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21 Thoughts to “Making Money Thrifting Old Board Games to Sell on Ebay and Amazon!”

  1. Hopefully the pre order will be in effect on the 27th. I'm definitely interested in games.


  2. Read though the guide. Man some of these games its like memory lane– had that one as a kid, and that one and that one. One very profitable game not on the list – The Dark Tower – it sells for crazy money even if not complete or electronics inoperative. Just know that some games are long tail items, not like shoes that sell in a couple of days except just before the Christmas rush. Be sure to stock up on boxes as older games are often 20" long.

  3. Hi Steve, I purchased a few guides (3) and only received 2 if them how do I reach support or someone about this ty.

  4. Lol I have heard of it I play the online version and love it.

  5. Great video Steve can't wait to check out the new guide. I am also interested on the toy brand profits guide but there us no price on sales page before clicking to buy lol really was all ready to get it. I don't like surprises so will pass now till can see how much. Ty

  6. I paid, I downloaded the app to get the book. The instructions to get the book is not clear. I am going to have to call Paypal to get a refund because I cant download the book Raiken does not have a contact email to discuss this issue or problem

  7. $37 for the book is too much!

  8. Great video Steve I have had boardgames included in my sales good stuff! @hustlellyfe

  9. Ouija boards bring some good money as well I’ve had some that I was kind of creeped out having them in my house because they came with some extra items in the box 😳

  10. I thot games wold knot sell on ebay butt then I found out that I can sell them butt there are good to sell.

  11. U mentioned risk but when i look up comps on ebay its selling for booty. What am i doing wrong?

  12. I’ve played cash flow before. Read all of his books and still own them

  13. You are on a definite Hero Quest HIGH! I’m going out of town to visit family and going to hit up some garage sales 👍🏼 on the look out for the board games

  14. How do use the Amazon Amazon seller app without paying 39.95 a month? Just starting out and work full time.

  15. Great video Steve. Awesome tips as usual.

  16. Does anybody know the easiest way for a New Amazon Seller to get their Board Game Restrictions taken off?

  17. We do really well with board games 4th quarter. Consistent all year but come Xmas it takes off. Great advice Steve xx loved the video

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