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Making Money From Your Blog with Google AdSense and Amazon Associates – #21 – From $0 to $2K

Making Money From Your Blog with Google AdSense and Amazon Associates – #21 – From $0 to $2K

Discover how to make money from your blog with Google AdSense and Amazon Associates. Once you start getting website traffic, you can make money online by placing advertisements on your website. Two of the most popular programs are Google AdSense and Amazon Associates, and I will also cover CJ Affiliate in this video as well. In this video, I give you some tips for monetizing your website, running tests, creating benchmarks, and increasing your revenue for the amount of traffic you are receiving.

Helpful URLs:

From $0 to $2K Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCKZKQoSq6y7y0QNdLOFCcx7qk1a-udqJ

Ad Inserter: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ad-inserter/

How to Make Money From Your Blog:

1. Implement Website Ads & Analytics: Add advertisements to your website and make sure you are using Google Analytics to track your traffic.

2. Gather Data to Collect Benchmarks – Test New Ads: Once you have some earnings and traffic data, test new ad placements on your website.

3. Use Ad Inserter Plugin to Implement Website Ads: If you are using WordPress, use the Ad Inserter plugin to place your website ad code.

4. Keep Track of Monthly Ad Placements & Results: Find the ad placements that lead to the most revenue for your blog.


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18 thoughts on “Making Money From Your Blog with Google AdSense and Amazon Associates – #21 – From $0 to $2K

  1. What is the link to Gather Data to collect benchmarks? Thank you!

  2. I looked at your website and you website is can slow I think you will need to review speed on your website

  3. Great Video… really impressed. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  4. Is it possible with WIX website?

  5. Are you getting a kickback selling other people's products?

  6. If you don't mind me asking,
    How come you've added the word "Sponsor" before your SideBar ads?
    This is the first time I see on any website that uses ads from Amazon, CJ, or Google Adsense go that.
    Is this a new guideline or regulation or just something you like to do to be transparent to your website visitors?
    Thank you for this great playlist – great showcase study.

  7. only sales – Nothing about wzone direct import

  8. Google analytics is paid service right?

  9. Bro is there any way to know the exact time at which the link was clicked?

  10. Please make a video on keyword research for amazon affiliates & how ca we chose a profitable niche.

  11. Hey Corey. Always quries, why dont you do a dropshipping, wether with shopify or wp. With your knowledge of the whole marketing you will rock for a very short time. Cheers man.

  12. How do you control where the ads appear so your sidebar isn’t pushed to the bottom?

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    1.Home page
    2.Silo structure
    3.Categories,Menu etc etc
    4.Keywords for fresh website
    5.Internalinking between Money pages and informational pages

  14. CAn you please do a video on keyword research for amazon affiliates?

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