Make Money with Amazon KDP [How To]

Make Money with Amazon KDP [How To]

In this video I break down the basic outline of how to make money using Amazon’s KDP Program. There’s 2 methods you can utilize to make money from this method. My next videos I’ll go a little more in depth into each video to further explain. here’s some tools you can use for this:



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This video is to educate. There is no guarantees of any money earnings using these strategies, techniques or ideas mentioned in this video, or any of my videos. I’m not a legal or financial advisor and anything I talk about should not be seen as advice. Your level of dedication, work ethic and knowledge will determine how successful you are. Always make sure you do the proper research before any investments as they’re is always a risk. The information in the above video is accurate, and even though results are not guaranteed, this is purely from my own experience and knowledge that other’s have had great results. You can not rely on any information contained in any of my videos as financial advise.

Any earnings, earning projections, promises, representations, or income statements will accurately display what you will earn. These are just estimates of my own personal experience and other’s of what you COULD earn. There is no assurance even if you follow. If you go exactly by any stated figure you are accepting there is risk of not performing as well.

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  1. Thank you sooooo much, I appreciate this information bro

  2. good content, but you need to make more examples live. You already have your computer screen shown, so do the searching and show results and do demonstrations live instead of just talking. For example, show where to find the best sellers…show where to look for the BSR….etc. Thanks.

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