Make Money Sourcing Pawn Shops on Ebay & Amazon

Make Money Sourcing Pawn Shops on Ebay & Amazon

Make Money Sourcing Pawn Shops on Ebay & Amazon

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31 Thoughts to “Make Money Sourcing Pawn Shops on Ebay & Amazon”

  1. Ok, don't laugh, but me and the grandkids still play my Ps2.

  2. Did he just call Oblivion junk??

  3. Every time I watch your videos I lose brain cells.

  4. Did you even buy anything?

  5. Great Video. Great Content. Keep Speaking the truth…

  6. Prices are going up everywhere. The Fed is printing money and buying their own treasury bonds. QE-ternity. Every country is printing and pushing interest rates to zero and even negative!

  7. The weird shinny shoes its giusseppe zanotti

  8. I bought 3 flutes at a pawn shop, took them to a band camp and doubled my money.

  9. "Get prices at front counter" Really? That's a great way to NEVER sell games. No one wants to have to ask for every price. Or worse, have to wait until an employee is free to ask for a price, only to find out it's too high, walk back to put the game back then try again with another game and finally just say "screw this shit" and never buy a single game from them.

  10. I didn’t realize that thank you for the education I have never been in a pawn shop

  11. i was thinking about going to pawn shops but thanks for the video ima stay away now

  12. Casey, is thrifting, in a material world.

  13. How many items do you estimate you sell in a year? And what items do you mostly sell? Thanks for answer all my questions. I know a lot of people wouldn’t

  14. The corporate company that owns the value pawn, cash American, and ez pawn shops are 100% retarded on pricing.

  15. Indiana is the same Brother. Im getting frustrated finding items. Thank you for the video

  16. Here in Santa Fe NM their prices double here in the past couple months at all thrift stores etc Its hard to find find anything to make a profit. Do you recommend any website to get bulk items?

  17. Pretty sure walmart has layaway. If you have to make payments on a playstation you probably don’t need it anyway, but Brawndo has what plants crave.

  18. Well move then. If prices are so bad, then move. No disrespect, but I hear more complaining about prices in FL being so bad. Take action and move. If you wanna live in FL so bad deal with the prices. Stop complaining about it.

  19. im in Florida this is so true. lol.. ive been trying to tell people this for so long… love the video great job…!!!!!!!!!

  20. Really nice job, Casey! Our local owned pawn shop just closed its doors to remodel and open as a sports betting Lounge here in Illinois. Same ownership.

  21. Same story here with pawn shops. 5 years ago I was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Now it may be hundreds of dollars per year. My overall business is fine though and my margins are higher now.

  22. hi casey!!i love the video !!its the same thing for montreal quebec canada the price is ridiculous!!thank you

  23. As the marketing director for ALL pawn shops in FL, I am FIRING you as our ambassador! This video ruined us! haha wow where did they get those prices…shopping GW?

  24. Yes, I would like a complete program on how to go around the middle man (consignment, liquidation, etc…)

  25. I really liked your old intro better.

  26. Pawn shops make a ton of money. Never been able to get anything at a reasonable price from one.

  27. Yep I went to 10 pawn shops on Saturday.

  28. I agree….cannot rely on TS PS anymore. NJ is the worst…..VG s cost $8.99 a piece!!

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