Learn to sell books on Amazon like a pro I will turn $170 into about $350 when its all said and done, not bad for about 35 minutes work.

The app I’m using is profitbandit



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  1. Instructions unclear: put my dog in tree

  2. So I know how too buy too u didn'put p the right out there bud.

  3. Walter about how much profit/take home do you average a year? If you’re willing to share. I want to eventually quit my job and 50hr work week and this seems like my way out of I work hard enough at it. You’re a huge inspiration to us corporate robot humans. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  4. so what are you using to scan all of these ? to find out what can make you profile

  5. How do you know if an item is a good buy to resell or not

  6. Dont forget you must figure in your gas money round trip. Wear n tear on your vehicle. How many minutes or hours you are spending in each store shopping looking up prices. How much per hour you want to make.

  7. QUESTION: : What is the scanner you use at the stores??

  8. Im still new to learning how this is done. So you pay the $39.99 monthly amazon fee and then do you ship all of the items you brought to Amazon? And what is the fee for shipping so much items to Amazon cost? Sorry if this is already explained somewhere- this is the part of selling on Amazon I am still confused about.

  9. I've heard that buying from walmart or Sam's club and selling on Amazon is frowned upon. Is it true that Amazon can shut down your sellers account if it finds out?

  10. If you live near a fulfillment center can you just bring your goods there? To save on shipping to be FBA?

  11. Canada Walmart’s never have clearance isle like this. The only stuff they put on clearance is when the box is fucked up or it’s a open box return lol

  12. It would have been nice if you would explain what app you are using and how you lose or make money!

  13. Walter what app are you using to check your prices and ranking?

  14. What app ate you using to check the prices?

  15. I do not believe that someone can live of this but i think once in a while you might find something that actually is worth it

  16. Got bored 1/2 way through…how much did you make $10-15?

  17. Huh, I guess someone else is responsible for picking up all the products you just dropped all over the aisle. I know it’s a Walmart and we can assume you’re as bad as the usual animals we see from YouTube Walmart videos, Maybe have some respect and don’t make a mess of a business while you “work”.

  18. The fact that you dropped a couple American Flags off the shelf and just kept walking really ticked this soldier off. Regardless if the flag is standing or bagged up, you really should show some respect. Please and thank you.

  19. I think this guy secretly works for amazon. why ? because amazon is the only subject really making money here. why ? amazon doesn't drive to wal mart, doesn't look up items, doesn't scan them, doesn't buy them, doesn't list them, doesn't pack them, doesn't ship them. in other words. amazon makes money doing nothing while he does all the work

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