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Make $10k Per Month with Amazon FBA in 1HR a PER DAY | Jungle Scout

Make $10k Per Month with Amazon FBA in 1HR a PER DAY | Jungle Scout

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Find out how to launch a successful business in just 1 hour per day for 12 weeks. Even if you have a full-time job or other commitments, you can still become a #FreedomBuilder with this easy to follow schedule.

Download our FREE schedule here:

โ–บ Complete Guide to How to Sell on Amazon FBA for Beginners 2020: https://jnglsct.com/htsoa_3

๐Ÿ“บ 30+ hours of step by step video instruction
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33 thoughts on “Make $10k Per Month with Amazon FBA in 1HR a PER DAY | Jungle Scout

  1. Hi there! Where are the exact videos referred to in your free schedule? Love your videos!

  2. Just realized this is almost 3yrs ago – Hard to believe all of these were available already, and I wish i could take advantage of this (or at least be informed of this business opportunity) back then.

  3. Hi, great video! Where does one access the videos mentioned, ie, S01,S02, etc.?

  4. K C

    Hi Lenny, The video was very helpful outlining a product launch schedule and the sequence of items to focus. I was so disappointed to see at 9 mins 13 secs on video, from June- Sept the product lost $2,744.23. Are you still selling this product today and did it start to make money after Sept 2017? Starting to realize, when people post online they're selling $200K of products/month, it's true but the Real question is: what are your margins/net profits? I appreciate the content – Thank you.

  5. when is your next webinar?

  6. G R

    So what youโ€™re saying is I need 5k to start. Lol

  7. Where can I find these sessions? For example, Iโ€™d like to start S01 Generating Product Ideas? If you already have them just add the direct links on your description as you did with that helpful schedule, wish me some luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Ya this was real helpful thanks

  9. So what you're saying is, I need to rinse and repeat 10x to make a true 10k/month profit?

  10. Hello

    thanks for vedio

    1- Im from Middle East and we not avalable to sell on amazon how can sell on amazon ( my friend live in US .Can my friend help me

    Does he bear additional taxes on him?

    2- what a differant between JG chrom extention $ web APP

    3- I dont have a lott of mony can you gift me JG to invest my small amount of mony on amazon

  11. where are all these sessions links

  12. Hi good video , im living in Guangzhou China and doing trade business i have almost all kind of amazon products and having best price and product QC is too easy for here, even i sell some products to others who sells on amazon. but i want to know how i can sell on USA and Australia Amazon. Thanks

  13. B A

    Would this schedule still apply to Season 4 case study ? or only Season 2 ?

  14. B A

    Lenny. Good stuff but what are you basing the 10k monthly on ? Gross. Sales. ? One product or several. ?

  15. When you say 'launch a product', is that solely for private label items or any listing on Amazon? I'm looking into setting up accounts with wholesalers and distributors. Thanks.

  16. Is there a updated version for 2019, or can i still use all the same videos for my process??

  17. can i start amazon with $150 ?

  18. Look at the hypocrites smile on that Thumbail.. God I hate people that feed lazy people with fake hopes just for views

  19. Brilliant overview of the ins and outs of the business. Thanks Lenny!!

  20. Our first product has been live for 30 days now, and this timing is very accurate. We took about 4 months to get launched, and Iโ€™ve documented everything on my YouTube channel if youโ€™re curious. The team at JS is the best!

  21. How did your inbound shipping get so low from china? 332, 497, 459, 452? Those jungle snugs boxes aren't small… I don't understand this. I can't find a ocean freight price under 1,000 dollars for anythinga at any quantity or size.

  22. So almost spent about 40k on the first 3-4 months on this product? Need to make a revenue sales of about 10K+ to have a profit? That is a lot of investment, work, and time? Is this normal in amazon FBA? Or is it just this product due to its competitiveness?

  23. Great video Lenny. Would love to meet up with you after I do the case study. Currently doing my research but I'll do a bit more learning and include this case study.

  24. I think many people don't know that a typical company profit margin is 11% which almost perfectly aligns with this example.

  25. thank you . you are great guys!

  26. does that mean i can get junglescout and use it on amazon even if i dont have an amazon account or just a basic amazon account. Ref to week 8 (day 2)??

  27. hi, thanks for video, is this relevant now?
    and sorry i missed the budget for this blueprint – can u tell me what is the budget for this?

  28. A lot of work went into making this video great advice, just what i needed

  29. I have watched many videos and yours are the most helpful and detailed videos on youtube! I just have one question-do we need to start a company (like LLT) in order to start selling or can we skip that part in the beggining?

  30. Thanks so much, Lenny! Great video, really helpful!

  31. I'm been always watching your vedios…and so far …your advise is the best…I am ready to make it serious …

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