Make $100 Buying Walmart SECRET Clearance (EASY MONEY!!)

Make $100 Buying Walmart SECRET Clearance (EASY MONEY!!)

This is How you make an EASY $100 buying Walmart Secret Clearance! We always get questions about this so we decided to make this a video a little different. Showing a real life flip! Walmart Clearance offers an enormous opportunity to turn a profit if that’s in your interests. Here is an example all while showing you what’s on clearance at your local Walmart’s this week! Of course store prices will vary from one another however if something is on clearance today in our video, it might be on clearance at your Walmart shortly!

And, if you Want to see the ULTIMATE Walmart HIDDEN CLEARANCE Guide?

Watch this video now!

We’re so grateful to have you here watching our video! We genuinely appreciate you all so much! Thank you for believing in us and what we do!

Do you like deals at other stores? – watch this video! It will change the way you save money forever!


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45 Thoughts to “Make $100 Buying Walmart SECRET Clearance (EASY MONEY!!)”

  1. Want to know what APP I’m scanning with? ALL the info is in this video

    ❤️ YOU GUYS!!!

  2. I don’t know how to do Instagram I only do Facebook. Love y’all’s videos. Thanks for sharing

  3. I'm a Genie in the bottle🎼

  4. You should check out the ankle braces to help support it

  5. How can you say "these things are not marked when the (yellow) clearance bar code sticker is just above the one your are scanning?
    2) So, are you saying that there is a difference betw the website price and the app price? When I look online (at the website) I see the orig price you noted ($197.19). I DON'T see however, the $40 price that you are quoting secondarily. So what gives, here? OR 3) Alternatively, are you saying that each location sets different clearance prices PER clearance item?

    Also, how is it that the tool set that is (clearance) yellow tagged as, $13 going to come up as, $9.00 at the register w/o there being any visible signs of $9.00 being the price?

  6. Can you do a video on clearance fishing gear???????????

  7. love this 🙌😁💕 thank u guys for giving me even more tips on saving money

  8. What really sucks is my Walmart does not have any greenworks stuff at all. I've been looking for an inexpensive leaf blower 40 dollars you cant beat that I'd be paying double getting the hyper tough. 😪😪 superunsexy ship one out to me lol

  9. Yes I do think you can make money

  10. Aewwww hope your ankle feels better!!! Loved this vid 🤗🤗🤗

  11. Not trying to be negative at all on here but I have 6 Walmarts I can check on daily and have never found a secret clearance once. So I have a small group of friends that are also hitting these areas at random times and not a single secret clearance either…not one.

  12. Love your wife’s smile!! You two are great

  13. I found a vacuum yesterday regular $49 got it for $23 it was hidden Clearance.😎😎 super happy.

  14. Lots of love from India Mumbai 🥰🥰🥰🥰😘🥰😘

  15. Thanks for the headsup, we went to my local Walmart, looking for Greenworks tools, we found a weed trimmer, way up on a top shelf, marked 124.00, scanned $40.00! Looking at other clearance and there is a Greenworks Hedge trimmer, box is open, it is marked $40.00 already, looks like everything there. I see a Faberwear Pressure Cooker thing marked down to about 25.00 I think it said, and I am in a scooter so I had to turn around and bam, this dude shows up and has it in his cart before I can get it, nooooo! I was so mad at myself for not grabbing it but nobody was around at the time and we had spotted the hedge trimmer. Didn't find any good deals on any chips though .

  16. For some reason we don't get that many good steals up North!! Which sucks . . .


  18. Super Unsexy, I found a couponer trying to grow her channel for her and her 2 kiddos, could you please show her some love? Here’s the link:

  19. I got my daughter HOOKED on the clearance isle, and she's 8yrs old. Now she loves a steal as much as I do! 👍

  20. Sorry about your ankle, bro. I know all about fucking myself up, but here's the game changer! Find and buy a bottle of DMSO roll on, with aloe. All natural, and cuts the healing time in half! I popped my knee out leaving a party, drunk as hell years ago. Sunday morning, all swollen with fluid on the knee. I just rubbed it on every half hour, and by Wed, I had full range and was kicking in carpets like a bandit! DMSO can do SO many different things. Just be sure your skin is clear of ANY chemicals or lotions, etc. Works on arthritis, bursitis, frost bite, etc. Once you try it, you'll be a believer. 👍

  21. I’m starting to think like you for saving cash,Boston comment cracked me I’m upstate N Y and we’re used to that accent . Keep spreading the word ! I love it . Take care of ankle,your gonna need it for more deal shopping !

  22. I may just be dumb but why am I not seeing more videos for fba well iv subed and am going to look into fba some more with this in thought

  23. My Walmart won’t let me scan anything when you start using your cell phone it will block it. I live in Calabasas but I’m talking about the one in West Hills California. How do you tell the manager to unlock the phone systems you can’t use even your cell phone in the area for Internet. I live in California so I am talking about the ones in West Hills California. I should I say anything?

  24. GOSH! I just found you guys and love ya!! Thank you sooooo much for your videos!! What a great sense of humor dude!!!

  25. This video deserves 2 thumbs up for the intro singing 🙂

  26. I dont know where you live but the walmart in the area i live dont have such good clearances. The ones in the area i live it only drops down by 5 to 10 dollars. Ill keep trying to see if i can get a good price.

  27. Kathleen —you deserve a medal of honor & another of patience for your dealings with dear ole hubby! Love you both! Also, I know people probably rip on ya but I love your new england accent! Have an awesome day! Hope your ankle is all better. -much love from NJ ~Mary & fam

  28. I found some 10 cent items at Walmart this week

  29. what site did you advertise your items to sale

  30. I dont know how to use Instagram ☹☹☹😢😭

  31. sometimes secret clearence doesnt scan correctly at the register but if you show the in price app scan they give you that price

  32. How do you scan is it an app really love you and your videos

  33. I got some pants at Walmart regular $18.44 for $9.

  34. Yes I would resell and n
    Make $$$

  35. First time watching I love you two thanks

  36. I've only tried 1 Walmart and I guess Las Vegas Walmarts just don't do the deals…I only found 1 hidden clearance in toys, and it's only because they forgot to put it in the clearance isle. I tried sports, tools, garden, clearance, paints, electronics…and nada. Everything on clearance was the price they said….so bummed. I will try another store, but doesn't look like I'm gonna get the super unsexy deals

  37. Super Unsexy do you think Walmart will put up the Valentine toys up for sale? The big and small stuffed animals?

  38. 🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️🧞 in a bottle

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