Low Budget Facebook Ads Testing Strategy For Beginners (Step by Step Tutorial)

Low Budget Facebook Ads Testing Strategy For Beginners (Step by Step Tutorial)

In this video I share with you the low budget facebook ads testing strategy I have been using for the past 2 weeks. I show you the results inside my ad manager and explain the strategy step by step.

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About Jack Kitchener:

Jack Kitchener is a Shopify and Facebook Ad specialist with over 4 years experience, he is the founder of an ecommerce training program called Ecom Academy that teaches people how to create a successful ecommerce business on Shopify.

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46 Thoughts to “Low Budget Facebook Ads Testing Strategy For Beginners (Step by Step Tutorial)”

  1. I have ran a campagin and got no sales after one day i used 3x£2 ad sets should i let it run for 2/3 more days or change product or ad set

  2. Are you duplicating the same winning adset in the same campaign or new campaign?

  3. Hi Jack , Thanks for value, i have some questions . after how much you start the retargeting? this is a campaign on direct sales page right? without optin page but ads–> Sales page

  4. Are you testing only 1 product with different detailed targeting or are you are they different products?

  5. You show a retarget audience but which event do you use to create it

  6. Just thought I’d say thank you for this detailed video. I’ve watched several of your videos and every single one has been eye-opening 👌❤️❤️. Thank you so much! You are amazing 👌👌!

  7. Hi Jack! I've found a trending product, it has roughly 3-5 million audience. I can target this down to about 200-500k. Should I start a low budget campaign on the 200-500k audience and if the results are good then try the 3-5 million? Thanks mate👍

  8. Hi jack, when looking to scale, what do you mean by duplicate the winning adset 10 times? Do you mean duplicate but change the interests in each of the duplicated adsets and repeat the previous process but with a higher budget?

    Thank you

  9. Jack! thanks for the video. I have two questions:

    Do you need a ‘legit’ facebook page with a minimum amount of followers before running Facebook ads (since they will visit your business page probably?)

    Do you need to have both an active instagram page as well, for the same reason as above?

  10. Thank you for this vid!
    You are not using an A/B Test right? Just 1 campaign with multiple Ad sets?

  11. Hey Jack, would you mind telling me how you added the "Relevance Score" column? I'm trying to add it to my customised columns but it's not showing up even when I search for it. Thanks mate!

  12. Very good information. I am just starting, and can use any advice. Regards, Steve

  13. Hi Jack, i've found a product that can be shipped from a uk warehouse for uk customers but is too expensive from an American warehouse. Is oberlo able to integrate 2 listings for the same product on my store? Orders from one listing for the uk and another for when a customer purchases from u.s? Thanks in advance

  14. Thanks for the video bro, I myself also want to get into drop shipping and I was wondering how you find hot/trending products to advertise and sell

  15. Actually, the relevance score has been removed from Facebook. its called now Quality ranking. I would be interested to know how to improve it.

  16. lovely content. thank you

  17. Thank you for this video Jack. A great topic. Just so I understand, this is just 1 interest narrowed with engaged shoppers? E.g you use the dog niche quite alot so an example would be : Dog Walking narrowed to engaged shoppers? Is there a target audience size for this strategy?
    Thanks again for the great content? Have been watching your channel for a while now.


  18. Thank you for this videoo!! I'm running low on funds and was looking for videos that talked about advertising with a low budget

  19. I havs been persistently trying my best to test different strategies and currently facebook blocked one of my business managers and now has completely blocked my account after all I did was post a simple image ad of a pet product, so FB is asking me for my ID for approval but that window doesn't take me anywhere when I submit it. Am I missing something here?

  20. Hey Jack thanks for the great video quick q:
    What’s the advantage of duplicating the same £2 adset x10? (With the same interests)
    Would you see the same results Just changing the budget of 1 adset to £20?

    Best Regards

  21. Some of the top Page Likes under Audience Insights, do not appear under Interests when using detailed targeting. Is this normal?

  22. Is there a way to change campaign from Traffic to Conversion without duplicating it to be able to change the settings?

  23. I do not have the option to 'Create multiple ad sets'. Instead, I have A/B testing under Campaign settings. Is this the same? or am I missing something?

  24. Could you do a video about where you have the best sales

  25. Hi Jack, I cant seem to find the relevance score option, even if I go into customise columns. Is this only available for older ad accounts?

  26. hi Jack , as always a very value based video , thank you , i have a question , how can we target engaged shopers ? 🙂

  27. Thanks Jack! I'm going to implement this strategy the next time I test! (Maybe tomorrow) One question… The supplier provides an incredible video for the product that I want to sell, but this video has been already used for other advertisers. Do you think the algorith penalizes you a lot for using videos that already are in facebook? Thanks bro;)

  28. Hi Jack. Can you make a video on creating a Stripe account for UK residents please? I read somewhere that we need to have a registered company to do so. And what are the do's and dont's to avoid getting ban on Paypal/ Stripe? Thanks

  29. love the strategy, very similar to the one i am also using! Everyone should be learning while in quarantine, most people will have the time. no excuses! 🙏

  30. mag

    will he reply 7 hours later🤔

  31. Thank you for this video. Is dropshipping harder in the current global situation? Are you finding your ads as successful as they used to be? And have delivery times been increased?

  32. HeyJack ! Thanks for you video, again ! Is it possible to talk with you about my first video ad? Facebook reject it everytime (like 7 or 8 times) and I don't know what I have to change.. I change the text, some clips, the primary and the headline text and since 6 days I work on it.. it's very boring.. thank you very much.

  33. Great content, after running ads for 3 days, can you scale the ad sets that hot ad to cart and what are the main benchmarks for each metric that we can look for ?

  34. Great content mate 👍 Is it better to do giveaways and competitions to build social proof, or just buy likes and followers on Instagram and Facebook? Can you ever successfully run ads to cold traffic without any social proof?

  35. How many creatives you test with this strategy?

  36. According to you, for testing a new product on FB ads, it's better 20 adset with 5£ daily or 10 adset with 10£ daily? Thanks for the answer

  37. This is a great informative video Jack! Thank you so much.

  38. Nice vid, thank you! Quick one: How are you dealing with suppliers and deliveries at the moment?

  39. specially now, i'd like to try this strategy since i don't have a bunch of money to lose on fb ads. thnaks for the vid buddy.

  40. Thanks Jack, always welcome Facebook ad videos

  41. Man please make a video on running yt ads I m ur oldest subscription u have make sir please

  42. Hey Jack! Do you think £300 is enough to get everything up and running with ad campaigns and product testing? (Already got a shopify membership covered)

  43. would it be a good idea having a store in USD or should i keep GBP? i want to target the big 5 countries

  44. Thanks for watching! Hope everyone is safe and well! Comment your questions and video suggestions below, I'll be answering every single one as always 🙂

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