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32 Thoughts to “Lots of Yammering and some eBay Sales”

  1. Recently started looking at sellers feedback because alot are selling items they don't have. Don't find out for several days.

  2. I had this video on in the back ground with you burbling away (in the nicest possible way) and suddenly I heard my name – I’d commented about highlighting your list so you pick up all the make up at once from stock room rather than multiple journeys.
    You gave your reasons as to why you didn’t – thanks for responding – I’m not convinced 🙂 but it’s your business, and your shoe leather and we’re just along for the ride -every time you go back into that make up room 🙂 !! And if you hear a woman yelling ‘get a highlighter ‘ that would be me

  3. I was surprised and pleased when checking out ‘used’ bigger items on Amazon following a tip from a friend and finding the Amazon Warehouse option which can give you big savings for often very slight damage . I bought a bean to cup coffee machine which should have been £270 for only £140 and the only problem was a slight scratch on the back of the machine which wasn’t visible as it’s against the wall. So it is always worth looking on there as they have the same refund policy as normal items
    Said all of this in reference to you buying a tool box…then you got one anyway !

  4. okey so half is 50% … so half is this and half is that and another half is this and the last half is that .. This means you have a 200% storage!! Man, you're packed!! 😀

  5. Roger got a Rabbit hat! He's looking rather dapper 😁 The girl manniquin is still nekked though! If she was wearing a cute spring top, I bet it would sell? 🤣🤣🤣

  6. It's super fun to get to know your other viewers / watchers / commentors / customers… I like that they are showing support with purchases… I hope we are all intereconnected with each other here on YouTube… Rabbits YT Family… ~Patricia in San Antonio, Texas

  7. Do you still have the colorful scotch tape? I am interested

  8. Need to grab the My Pet Monster pins from the post office then I can leave you positive feedback! 😀

  9. --

    just set up auto feedback

  10. I also look at feedback for buyers before I except an offer. & I leave feedback after they get the item. I do hope eBay let's sellers live negitive feedback for buyers at some point

  11. Just wanted to comment that I watch your videos on my Roku but not signed into my youtube account (though I am subscribed). While I haven't bought anything from you yet, if I bought from someone on ebay and didn't get feedback I wouldn't ever buy from that seller again. It makes me think they don't care about their customer. I think setting it to automatic like you mentioned would be a good idea, even just a "thanks" would be better than nothing. When I ever decide to start selling on ebay I would take the time to leave feedback.

    That being said, great video as always and can't wait to see more, and I keep browsing your ebay store in case I do find something I want.

  12. Hahah. You said Bina right. It’s just Gina with a b. Thanks !!

  13. Hello new reseller here just curious how you buy your amazon pallets?

  14. If you have a store it's easy to setup auto feedback and then never have to mess with feedback again. Mine is set to give feedback right after a sale.

    I have heard of buyers giving negative feedback because they never received feedback from a seller. Sounds like a dumb reason but at least auto feedback solves that problem.

  15. I hate those, I don't like your shoes fees. They're always the worst.

  16. Keep up the good work. 😎🖥👍

  17. No sales tax in Oregon, so not a worry here.

  18. Rabbit u are such a good signer NOT

  19. But they had a till on the end unlike u LOL

  20. It’s not easy to get me to laugh out loud….you managed tho!! When you kicked the tote and box out of the way when you were talking about reaching the sheet protectors!! You get better and better.

  21. I saw other rabbits outside today

  22. Great Video Rabbit, your channel always has a lot of great content. Thank you

  23. I'm international in Canada, can I get a signed hundred? Thanks!

  24. Feedback can help for buyers incase they sell periodically but if someone buys some large value items there can be some higher feedback requirements. I know vehicles and trailer sellers often require a certain amount of positive buyer feedback or they'll cancel your bids since burner accounts running up prices on competition are more common there.

  25. @ResaleRabbit I have some return merchandise I would like to unload. Are you interested in buying? I live near Green Bay. I got some new release dvd, blu-rays, tv Antenna's, odds and ends.

  26. I found your Channel about a year ago

  27. I started a Channel and I like watching your videos so I verbally tagged you on my last video!

  28. Wascally Wabbit, you just had to, it's bad enough they start playing that in September, but APRIL!?! Now when are you going to put that bloody dress away?

  29. Another awesome video Rabbit mate 😀👍👌

  30. Let's take a walk back here…..i love a good walk. You work so hard. Thanks for sharing. Keep on keeping on

  31. Thx for showing the video,glad the audit worked out👍

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