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29 thoughts on “Look For These Books At Dollar Tree To Resell//Retail Arbitrage

  1. Do a lot of 2 different coloring books. Save on shipping and you will make more money.

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  4. Subscribe to my channel. decent video

  5. jj

    I want to start selling especially Disney children's books which I love. Put in a lot of cases seems like shipping them is more expensive than what they're worth even if I put my price lower than the lowest one that I find online to sell i think it could go very slow. Does eBay charge you on a monthly basis if you don't sell anything

  6. Can barely hear this video

  7. Oh my gosh!! Lock the completed/sold filter on so you dont have to do it every time. Click the lock on the left side!!

  8. Damn fella never thought bout that…… An here I am workin in this damm heat another month it'll be 18 years same company I'm a plumber

  9. How do you ship them (to prevent damage)?

  10. How much do you sell these books on eBay? I gave up on eBay.. None of my stuff sold and I’m still stuck with a $30 eBay bill .. I thought I only had to pay if my items sold.. I won’t do that again.

  11. :O
    I saw my cousins book there on the book shelf they’re selling!!! So awesome

  12. If you go to Dollar Tree's website you can order by the case

  13. what app are u using when you scan to find out prices?

  14. You can't scan books that have a sticker that says 'Fiction ASTD". That is Dollar Tree's own inventory system so you'd have to search by the ISBN in the cover or by the title. Nice video though

  15. What are the fees involved in selling? I want to try but I’m afraid I’ll lose money so I haven’t yet.

  16. Omg this is my dollar tree I was just there lol

  17. Your selection of paperbacks looks huge compared to ours and I live in the Denver/DTC area. Always hunting historical romances with a time travel twist….I had my daughter Sarai at Mercy Medical back in 1985, no dollar stores back then ?

  18. Are all the books 1 dollar

  19. Don't look for them people, prices will drop guaranteed. This a business, where competition is REAL

  20. Ship them media mail should save you some money. Offer other shipping were the buyer pays. Be honset dont go crazy of the shipping price.

  21. Books are something that move slow on both and ebay and Amazon. You can take photos also to search.

  22. Awesome finds. I have some beautiful ones that I found at Dollar Tree too. They're very expensive at other stores.

  23. Great video, subscribed to you channel! keep up the great work!

  24. Ive been selling these but nicer ones when they had them.

  25. Awesome finds! You should look for pregnancy and baby books, people buy those like crazy!

  26. Nice dollar store finds! What scanning app do you use?

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