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Live eBay Dropshipping Q&A!

Live eBay Dropshipping Q&A!

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21 thoughts on “Live eBay Dropshipping Q&A!

  1. Ask me anything but you haven't replied to my message lovely brother. Do you think its advisable to dropshipp from eBay in Nigeria due to the change in policy. Am certain that we have lots of people viewing your channel from Nigeria here. I will be glad if you could make video for people in Africa. Atleast that would clear our doubts.

  2. Do you not use DSM Tool at all anymore? Can you use AutoDS with Home Depot?

  3. Hey man just finally joined the course! Great stuff. What is my responsibility after uploading a return tracking label? I have a return that has been waiting for buyer to send. Do I have to do anything?

  4. When you dropship do you use auction or buy it now

  5. Hi Paul! I am having a problem to print out a return label from Home Depot. This is my first return from Home Depot. I got an email from Home Depot with UPS link. But when click on print label, nothing happens. Is there an easier way to receive a return label for Home Depot return?

  6. I am glad you are impacting into people's life positively. Pls lovely brother. I wish to subscribe for your course but as a Nigerian am scared due to the new rules that was just imposed on eBay dropshippers. I will be glad if I could chat with you personally. This is my whatsapp contact +2348132854608

  7. Thanks Paul for excellent information, i recently started selling on ebay , as a new seller do i need to deposit money in my Paypal account to ebay let me sell on ebay?
    Do i need to link my bank account with ebay or not? It’s a little confusing for me

  8. Hi I’m demet can you help me with my AutoDS because I can’t upload a item and I’m here now in Bahrain, I’m Filipino by the way I hope you can help me with this problem plss 🙏🏻

  9. Do I need 1 specific credit/debit cards, 1 paypal for every stealth account?

  10. On Auto ds, How do you know what shipping option to offer when listing an item?

  11. Hi Paul my paypal account has been limited, what should I do

  12. Hi there, how to I upload the tracking number to eBay if I use the standard aliexpress carrier. Thanks

  13. Hi Paul-
    Did you get to see Yogi Bear at Jellystone? Oops sorry that’s right you went to Yellowstone lol 😀
    We’re Happy for you that your getting to see this great country while working….awesome!
    Q. Where do we put “shipping from multiple locations” when listing items? Thank you!

  14. I recently changed my item location settings to multiple locations. Since I did this I’ve gone two days with only one sale which is extremely unusual. I was wondering if this was related to multiple locations being my home address. The other new thing that is different that happen at the same time is I had to cancel about eight different orders because stock ran out and it did not automatically change my quantity. Is either of these the issue. Like am I being punished?

  15. Hi Paul. Regarding the manual method , when you list an item, how would you track price changes , out of stock items etc, as a software would solve this issue. How would I do this manually ?? Thanks

  16. I just started dropshipping and I just found your videos very helpful, you give very good information also l like your honesty. Keep it up.

  17. My son and I are coming onboard tomorrow morning which is Wednesday. Looking forward to being one of your best students. Currently an ebayer for thrifty Collectible items.
    Can't wait to learn Paul. Native New Yorker

  18. How can I have access to all retailers websites like Home Depot, Walmart and my eBay account while I’m traveling abroad and how can I use my credit cards to purchase from retailer’s websites and process my orders outside of the USA ?? Some Credit cards don’t let you to use them outside the USA

    I'm from Middle East.. From Jordan..
    That means if I get Restricted from ebay… The all information will be totally deferant 😔
    Im so confusing about what to do guys.

  20. Is it best to use personal or business for paypal

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