Live eBay and Amazon Dropshipping Q&A

Live eBay and Amazon Dropshipping Q&A

I answer all your questions about eBay and Amazon dropshipping!

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22 Thoughts to “Live eBay and Amazon Dropshipping Q&A”

  1. hey paul,
    i started watching your videos for few days now and really got so much usefull and valuable informations trought your very intereting content, thank you so much! i have no doubt your intent is good simply the question out of curiosity i have is why are you and almost every one delivering such content selling courses while you are clearlly making good money dropshipping? is it worth the time you spend doing it..just curious, and really admire that you are helping so many people making the first step. thanks again..keep growing.

  2. Which software do you recommend for Amazon, right now I am use SKU Grid. thank you

  3. Hey man I watched a lot of youre vids now and they helped me a lot and I wanted to say thank you first of all but I do have a question that is stoping me from starting this whole dropshipping thing so If you can help me here I'd appreciate it.

    If you list an Item on ebay for 50$ and you can find the same Item for 30$ In amazon and you have successfully sold it, then the buyer tells you his address and you go to amazon to buy the product and deliver it to the buyer address, but then you see that the Item does not ship to his location what do I do next ? how do I avoid It from the start ?

    Thanks a lot for everything man !

  4. Paul. do you Indian or Pakistan VAs working for you ? are they good over Philipines ? , thing is Philipine VAs are a bit tough and they only care about their payment, when i talk with them , first thing they ask is money and if i ask many questions, they just leave. if pay big, then only stay with you. but still they dont care results .
    in you opinion are indians good as far as quality of work concerned ?
    Best channel ever . love u Paul

  5. Paul, I'm only part of your VA course but happy to contribute in some ways to your success. You're a really awesome and genuine guy, I can't thank you enough for all these videos and the contribution you're having on my own success. Keep up the good work and enjoy the holidays! Cheers,

  6. Is it possible to use cash back CC and other cash back options with some of these auto ordering tools?
    On Walmart even if you are tax exempt they still charge you tax to about 9 states.. Is there some way to charge more in those states only?

  7. Hi Paul very important I’ve increased my profit margin by 5% yesterday on all my current active listings I did it in bulk sales have dropped hugely since I made this move what have I done wrong even a one word answer here would be very helpful

  8. Hi Paul, Happy Holidays, BTW are you also experiencing that ebay is not taking customers calls ?
    there is a recording 'currently we are upgrading system we are unable to take your call' . Actually this issue has been more than 5 days now.
    Can this be true ?

  9. I actually found out about trackerbot because of one of your videos and it has helped free a lot of time.

  10. Hey Paul. I just wanted you to help me set the record straight about a software called trackerbot. You seem very knowledgable and wanted to get your take on this. So I have been using this software by the name of trackerbot for a couple weeks now that upload your tracking info automatically and saves a lot of time but I heard that using this software is against eBay's API rules from a fellow drop shipper. He said this software decreased his sales somehow but actually I have seen a big increase in my sales in the past couple weeks (probably due to 4th quarter). I have noticed that PayPal has been holding any payment that is over 100 dollars so I am not sure if there is a connection. Sorry for the long post but I am sure you have some real insight into this. Thanks!

  11. When I’m in PayPal jail, can I still pay my supplier with that PayPal account? So I can order the product for my customer.

  12. Hi Paul, what repricer do you recommend to do Amazon dropshipping? Thanks

  13. Hey Paul! I have volume pricing as well as promo pricing. Is there a way to have VA select this without logging into eBay account? Will this be something I have to manually do on every listing or bulk campaign promo?

  14. Paul can i ask you
    Is it easy to ship in Morocco to US ?

  15. Hi Paul. You talking yourself warm for and but for us living outside US is not so great. We cant use either of them if we don´t have US creditcards. The only way to do some purchase is buying with Giftcards and you can´t buy them from or =) . Maybe you could show us how to work with giftcards, from buying it to add it on your account. Any suggestions for other source pages than Amazon we can use as "outsiders"? Tumbs up for your videos. There great. /Mats Brazil

  16. Yes I am interested in another meet up!

  17. Hey Paul when did you start using autods over DsmTool? Is autods better in your opinion?

  18. Paul please " release " your new video , I'm afraid if you " drop your video " it might break it ! 😁

  19. guys need help looking for whoever whats to team up with knowledge

  20. What's up Paul thanks for all the info

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