Leaving your Family for the Military | Air Force Motivation

Leaving your Family for the Military | Air Force Motivation

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8 Thoughts to “Leaving your Family for the Military | Air Force Motivation”

  1. I'm leaving my home, girlfriend, friends and family this summer for Army basic training and It's been hard thinking about it but this helped a lot and you're speaking straight facts about what pain is the right pain to choose and I'm not going to choose the pain of regret this was really good advice bro💯

  2. I hope you read this bro. Shout out to Kyle Gott, Bully Juice, and Wild Blue Yonder, etc… but it was always you who kept me going and helped motivate me to join the USAF.

    I have officially sworn in! Thank you so much for all your videos and putting it all out there on the line. I can’t thank you enough. Super blessed to being on my way to be a future Airman with you bro. Peace!

  3. Ide

    Thank you for this video, greatly helps. Please do a video on facial hair in the Airforce.

  4. Thumbs up bro but I need to feel that pain too. Tell me how can I join the USAF

  5. I really needed to hear this and I’m glad I came across this video.. I’m constantly holding back on focusing on me..& doing what’s best for me. Thanks for sharing 🌸🤞🏽

  6. Thanks brother i need this thank u for showing us your journey

  7. Yo I needed this thanks Raymond. You the man 🖤

  8. First comment! If you’re going to fear anything….fear the pain of regret!

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