Leaving Hanoi | Entrepreneur Lifestyle | Selling Online For A Living

Leaving Hanoi | Entrepreneur Lifestyle | Selling Online For A Living

I have been selling online for a living, in Hanoi for 2 years, living the entrepreneur lifestyle but now I am leaving Hanoi. I talk about my 4 hour work week, Tim Ferris style and how leaving Hanoi is going to grow my Amazon Arbitrage FBA Business and improve my selling online ability.

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14 Thoughts to “Leaving Hanoi | Entrepreneur Lifestyle | Selling Online For A Living”

  1. You look at home over there! Home is where the heart is!

  2. service Utify.io is excellent for promotion, in which you can inexpensively place in YouTube ads.

  3. I really do envy your lifestyle which is an impossibility for me to achieve until my kids are older but I have time to prepare for that I guess. You’re a really genuine guy and you share so much knowledge and experience that others feel the need to charge for. To me it seems like you are comfortable enough to share what you know because you genuinely like to help others and like to see them succeed 👌

  4. “When in doubt, choose the path of most resistance. What’s uncomfortable is good.” – Darren Hardy
    Love the energy Tom, I felt your enthusiasm pouring out of the screen!

  5. I would love to hear your Amazon journey from the bottom. The struggles, the mistakes, those little special moments were you made it to the next height. I want to know that you had to work your ass off in the beginning because if it was easy then it’s harder for me to relate to. Love watching your vids! Keep up the great work, you’ve helped me so much in such a small space of time. 😎💪🙏

  6. Great video. Keep doing great work. Your content is high quality, very measured in terms of time, etc..

  7. Great video Thomas and you’ve really struck a cord with me on the change aspect, also hats off to you moving away and doing all you’ve done its inspirational

  8. 30k revenue a week was that?

  9. I was aiming for 4 hours a day, 4 hours a week would be a dream.

  10. Loved seeing abit of Hanoi

  11. I love your sincerity and honesty in fully understanding your benefits to the way you live. Finally, I’m guessing what is that repricer ?

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