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14 Thoughts to “Launching a WordPress Website with Bluehost”

  1. Les sugiero que realicen VÍDEOS PROFESIONALES, mejor audio y mejor imagen. Gracias.

  2. Your Pages screen looks so different than mine – yours is so much cleaner and user-friendly! Does WordPress work better in certain browsers?

  3. Hi there, is there a functionality to put different blog posts on different pages, rather than all on one? On the free wordpress it was incredibly awkward to do if you didn't know any code, so wondered if with this version its easier to do.

  4. Lol I would rather install it myself, they install a lot of malware if you let them install, by them I am meaning the auto installer.

  5. It's not lining up with what I see, but I'm a newbie.

  6. Thank you " Bluehost " for sharing this post. God Bless.

  7. I have a problem with my cms, @bluehost takes 30 days and they have not been able to solve the problem #boicotbluehost

  8. I dont have a launch button but can't pubicly see my website. Why?

  9. This the worst hosting in the world. I bought Business Cloud but got the actual account in 10 days!! Insane !!!!!

  10. Hey great video 😄
    How can I make the images in posts and on pages bigger? Not as a featured image. No matter how big the image resolution is, the image size is always the same. I’m using the Twenty Seventeen theme as well.

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