KW Command: Campaigns – Facebook Ads and KWLS

KW Command: Campaigns -  Facebook Ads and KWLS

In this video Jay Cermak, Trainer Extraordinaire, goes over how to utilize Facebook Ads with your Listings from KWLS. In command and campaigns you will have access to create a facebook, instagram and twitter ad. Please be sure you set up your facebook account under Settings and be sure there is a Credit Card on File before attempting to run a Facebook Ad. The system will remind you if you hadn’t done these items use, use the ? in command for help setting up.

Check out these step by step instructions on how to run a facebook ad for a new listings or existing listing with KWLS.

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4 Thoughts to “KW Command: Campaigns – Facebook Ads and KWLS”

  1. Thanks for the great info, Jay!!

  2. Out of date but still helpful thank u

  3. Hi Jay, Thanks so much for the info! Love your breakout sessions at FR2020

  4. Hi Jay, Thanks so much for your training videos! I'm loving it and can't wait to have it working for me! My question is that I am in the middle of creating my facebook ad and when I select my business page, the system pops up with a red remark saying (#200) Requires businss_management permission to manage the object. Can someone tell me how to fix this? Thanks

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