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39 Thoughts to “Karen Civil: Good Business Partner/Friend Or Is She More?”

  1. Nipsey was a FINE 1 but a Guy like him you would have to play yo cards totally different from any other brotha, I wouldn't have been able to throw myself at him for many REASONS, he was very SHARP in the MIND! anywho as far as Karen goes she's PROTECTED by her ancestors and no 1 will be able to read her. R.I.P Nipsey 💙🏁🌹💋 I hope I do find 1 like YOU! I fell in love with you before death came n took u Away u WOKE MY GAME UP on some many levels. Lauren London was the LUCKIEST women She FOUND AND HAD what a lot of us long FOR… they were TRUE SOULMATES N it was BEAUTIFUL seeing them together.

  2. Lovers card.. Cival must of came with Lauren because Cival worked for Lil Wayne first. With what you said it's starting to make sense

  3. I never suspected that she had any involvement. She seemed like she was in love with him.

  4. I,told yall nipsey had another women.nipsey a dam man what y'all thought he was a saint yes he help his community but nipsey wanted some extra pussy thats why he didn't marry Lauren she was a weak ass women 5 dam years you know he had got use to her ass he might have got tired of her sucking and fucking Lauren wish I told yall she was a weak women in gave all her power as a women to nipsey.know man wants a weak ass women and no women wants a weak ass man then he or she has that control in that relationship.lauren got different daddy's and want some one to respect her the only reason Lauren got respect because she was with him (shackin)the other ladies going to come out just wait.lauren knew nipsey was still fucking his other baby mama.lauren have not bad talk the baby mama at all why?y'all guess.because she knew he still loved the bm.nipsey was not (in)love with no women if he was nipsey would have married one of them.nipsey love all ladies but he respected both.sad nipsey didn't leave no body shit over his prosperity.

  5. Kmft with all this fake reading shit this shit is not real.

  6. Why do I sense sadness as you was doing this read and at one point it seemed as if you wanted to end it. But I subscribed. New suby here. Your reading is very interesting.

  7. Omg…. of course he was with other women before Lauren. That man made it crystal CLEAR that he was with Lauren and LOVED Lauren. He did not beat around the bush. Everyone knows Karen Civil is a shady business woman. This man made it crystal clear his relationship with Karen. He was straight up and there are tons of videos where he makes it crystal clear.

  8. Has anybody thought that was Karen in the Audi who got out the cay and got back in it.

  9. The purpose in bringing this up , would be, what?? Let 'LL grieve in PEACE, King Nipsey is gone and whatever discretion he committed shod have been buried with him. Let the woman have her memories without adding more pain to the pain she's already in !!!!

  10. Lady you really need to stop this lieing ass bull'shit? Because the shit you're doing is like witchcraft .that's all they do in California ..I'm true Prophetess by the Grace of God and I see things and feel things. This stuff you're doing is what the HAITIAN people as well. Where in the hell are you getting your Information from

  11. Even on kandis evps Nipsey said he was involved with another women

  12. Civil is a known 🐍. Dirty lowdown Bitch

  13. Stop being messy gurl with that bullshit witchcraft reading. You don't know nothing about these peoples life so cut it out. You looking for views and likes to make money. Go get a real job and stop being a youtube hoe. Where are you from?


  15. I know this is about the video but the video you did before, about Wendy Williams and her husband. And you said something embarrassing was going to come out about him. Weeeellllllll this guy that's supposedly was to be his side dude. He was talking about how Wendy Williams husband do him in the you know what, and he used to rape him. And some other crazy nasty shxt girl. Messed uppp. 😑😑😑 . You were right. 💯💯💯💯

  16. When Nipsey first got killed they said he were going with big u Women is she big U women and someone is pregnant is it Lauren ??

  17. I have been trying to find your contact info for a reading

  18. Can u do nipsey business partner David gross


  20. Well you tried. Great read!

  21. Karen Civil has a history of stealing money from artists she’s worked with such as Camron and Meek Mill..she is also buddy buddy with Hillary Clinton which is a questionable relationship

  22. Lmao what dumb people believe in this bs ? Especially some YouTuber just shuffling hidden cards ♦️? Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ The camera is supposed to be facing the cards not you you’re supposed to be showing the card so that everyone can see this is real. Stop deceiving people with this bullshit!

  23. This crazy bitch with a flea market table

  24. Thank you for your video this is deep

  25. Love your channel. ❤️ I always look forward to your videos. Also a update on the Maleah Davis reading ,The mothers attorneys stepped away from being her lawyer and said he was shocked to hear the things that came out of her mouth on his IG. Karma is coming for here slowly but surely.

  26. Is it possible you read on rich porter and how did he feel about alpo killing him? If your familiar with them nobody has ever done a reading on the situation.. I would be sooo thankful🤞🏾

  27. I like the way you respect the game

  28. hi i know this is a old story but can you do merlin santana from the steve harvey show

  29. Thank you again for another great reading!

  30. Hello Miss Brenea
    Love you readings thanks for always bringing the truth…. Can you do a follow up on Tanisha Foster, will that IG chat be used against her in the custody battle for Emani, she looked and sounded high as hell. Thank you💙

  31. Karen civil and King Nipsey were sexualy involved at some point.. if it was even once. He was loyal to her because she helped him alot with his business. Karen civil loved nipsey but she couldn't have him,the way how she wanted it, he didn't want it that way.
    I bet Karen civil is one of the women everyone talks about that had something to do with his murder. Something about her makes me anxious,nervous and uncomfortable. Worse she's surrounded by that juju!

  32. Ms. Sam did Karen and Lauren yesterday and she readied Lauren was happy she didn't have to work with Karen again. Plus she said Karen was very hard to read. Thanks for everything

  33. They had to much knowledge😔 they had to go👿

  34. Look up Sandman👑he was a real rabel👑 has from 60s too.

  35. Look I live real close to that hood😠The New Jacks😔.all these hoes loved NIPSEY👑 Ethiopian. Gangsta👑Sandman 2👑super intelligent man with knowledge👑

  36. Why is she hiding out???

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