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11 Thoughts to “Just did a 50K month, but I'm quitting retail arbitrage…”

  1. Take a shot every time I say retail arbitrage.

  2. Hey I'm a new seller on Amazon FBA. MOST ITEMS I SCAN requires approval to sell. Items that are profitable requires approval to sell. That approval means you need a 10 purchase invoice of that item… not a receipt from target… not accepted… not a receipt from tjmaxx walmart big lots etc. U need a freaking invoice or you get denied. And this ultimately retail arbitrage is impossible on amazon unless u get ungate. Let's talk about HOW TO GET UNGATED ON AMAZON OR LETS NOT TALK AT ALL!!!!!

  3. Okay straight to the point.

    What were your gross sales for the year? And the return profit margin?

    I’m just starting into RA and don’t have kids so would like to make this full time since I just drive Uber eats. I did okay in Q4 but started by putting inventory on a credit card. I’m just about to break even but I think I’ve learned a lot and now have some inventory. Obviously toys are of less importance in this quarter, So what categories should I be looking into now to build a consistent income? I’m guessing trying to find replenishables in all categories?

    Anyway great content man, thanks.

  4. How did you get ungated on brands when you first started?

  5. As someone who gave ra a shot and actually enjoyed it I agree that having children makes it harder to do & harder to scale. The main reason why I went with wholesale as of this point on strictly.

  6. Can you do a video on your Etsy T-shirt course ?

  7. All together how much was your gross profit from RA and after you subtract all your expenses for the year if you don’t mind sharing

  8. So u ruin the market buy putting these how to videos out and then once the market is flooded bc of you tubers u leave

  9. Dope video man. Salute to the self employed fathers!

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