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Jungle Scout Review and Tutorial – Amazon Product Research Help

Jungle Scout Review and Tutorial – Amazon Product Research Help

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Hey guys! I made this video tutorial to show you how to use Jungle Scout, as this will likely save you so much time and money on your Amazon business journey. Starting selling on Amazon in 2019 is still a great idea as Amazon is expected to grow exponentially throughout the next years. Thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and would like to see more like this. Also, feel free to ask me any questions on the comments section below and I’ll try to get back to all of them. Thanks for watching! 😊


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DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this YouTube Channel and the resources available for download/viewing through this YouTube Channel are for educational and informational purposes only.

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24 thoughts on “Jungle Scout Review and Tutorial – Amazon Product Research Help

  1. Hi, what kind of plan should I by for jungle scount. They have 3 plan. I bought Suite plan but they limit my search.

  2. hi Tatiana, i really appreciate your videos and i feel i learned alot. In fact, im new to start my business and i feel like i got stuck with the product search in jungle scout over a month.

    Most of the kitchen products that i searched for have high reviews and high competition and i did different ways of search but still giving me some sellers for a specific products have average of 500 reviews or more at least.

    Do you know if it would be a good idea to start selling a product that was never sold in amazon before!

  3. Would you be able to share the training course you took?

  4. Very helpful. Interesting you mentioned that jungle scout subscription can be canceled when not needed

  5. Hello Tatiana. Thank you for showing us this research help. I am moving soon so I have a question. Can I purchase the Jungle Scout on my Laptop with current wifi and later on change wifi and also the laptop? Also, is there any difference creating amazon account and change wifi connection and computer later on? Thank you

  6. Thank you for this informative video Tatiana.. I have a question.. Does the least expensive plan on Jungle Scout come with Chrome Extension so that I can do the product research that you performed in this video? Also How do I get started with Private Label?

  7. Good effort respected Sister

  8. Great info..There is only one in my mind.When you put an items to sell at amazon. Do i have to input all the ITEM DISCRIPTION,PICTURES ETC? or JUngle Scout will do it all?

  9. Hello dear Tatiana, recently I've started to watch your effective and wonderful videos per day for starting my first product research on Amazon in the UK. Also, I buy the Jungle Scout account according to your suggestion, but I could not find profitable products according to the mentioned criteria and I've been a bit confusing. I wonder if you could guide me…

  10. Hi..i am regular following your all videos …i have question and if you can advice on it..will be appreciated…
    Here while using jungle scout chrm ext when we see seller type of an item is AMZ(not fba or fbm)..what does it mean?….if it is amazon selling the item itself..how come 15 different brands selling with seller type AMZ
    hope i am clear with my question
    Kindly reply

  11. You always KILL it 🔥- RF

  12. Cool information!! Thank you! You got one like already from me. Please carry on!

  13. Anyone want to share his Junglescout login for a small price?

  14. Nice video. 12:06…"That's why"! LOL

  15. Hi I would like to start selling amazon FBA but, I’m new to this. This video was valuable and thank you for it. Which training courses have you taken? Also does jungle scout can source me the wholesale suppliers? If so, then do you have a video of this? Thanks

  16. When I buy sexual erotic products I don't put reviews also no matter its good or bad, so don't be shy Tatiana James

  17. So does "reviews" Boost that persons add more? which makes it harder to compete with? What i see is more reviews means more are looking for it… Or does more reviews mean more people are selling it?? Is it all combined adds? Or just that person? I think opposite. Thanks!

  18. hi, could you please answer my question.
    Is it worth getting jungle scout for people using shopify or is it only good for amazon sellers? thank youu.

  19. That was such a helpful video! You are such a babe <3 thank you for sharing 🙂

  20. With so much noise online, I went back and forth all morning on my choice with JS and a few others. I only trust ASM, YOU, Stephen and a guy name Seth kniep for Amazon things. AND… I used your affiliate link so thanks! 😊💥

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