Is Selling on Amazon FBA Worth It in 2020?

Is Selling on Amazon FBA Worth It in 2020?

Are you wondering if selling on Amazon FBA is worth it in 2020? Is the Amazon FBA marketplace too saturated? Is the online arbitrage business model worth it on Amazon FBA? Can you still make money selling on Amazon FBA? Is Amazon FBA dead? I will answer all of these questions in this video and more! Amazon FBA has allowed me to achieve both financial freedom and freedom from a 9-5 job! I now have the opportunity to work from home on my Amazon FBA business each and every day. For my business, I use the online arbitrage and retail arbitrage business models. I source from online suppliers for online arbitrage and brick and mortar suppliers for retail arbitrage. The earning potential is endless as a result of Amazon’s millions of customers that buy on their website everyday! I look forward to continue growing my Amazon FBA business and I have set out a goal for this year to sell $5M on their platform this year. I hope that this video has helped to answer whether or not selling on Amazon FBA is worth it in 2020!




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3 Thoughts to “Is Selling on Amazon FBA Worth It in 2020?”

  1. This is amazing. I’m planning on starting my amazon business in a couple of weeks and I plan on doing this the way you have said in your videos. Any last tips? I’m so excited for this new journey and I’m so thankful that you have helped me with your videos.

  2. I started OA beginning of Dec 2019. I initially bought about $5,000 of product and this month over $2500. Amazon has paid me $506 and tomorrow $1,650, so I'm still down about $5,000. If I stopped today I'll get all my money back and the profit once all my products sell but you have to keep buying to put more stock into Amazon. I'm not sure when you actually make a profit because you have to pay off your initial investment and keep buying more and more products.

  3. Have you had any issues with IP claims? That’s my only issue with OA.

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