Is it Still Worth Reselling from Goodwill after Offer Up Partnership?

Is it Still Worth Reselling from Goodwill after Offer Up Partnership?

Recently Goodwill partnered with offer up and a lot of resellers are wondering is it still worth sourcing from Goodwill to sell on eBay and Amazon? In this video we are going to break down my thoughts on this subject matter and share with you whether or not you should be continuing to resell from Goodwill.

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47 Thoughts to “Is it Still Worth Reselling from Goodwill after Offer Up Partnership?”

  1. Great video! This reminded me of a conversation I had with a Salvation Army employee recently. I asked to confirm a price on a pair of jeans, it appeared that someone added a 1 to the amount on the tag. What was originally $7.99 on a pair of BKE jeans turned into $17.99. He confirmed that was correct, and told me that they had a “problem” with resellers. He said his store was trying to “protect” their inventory by pricing up, then told me that about 30% of their customers were resellers, and that is why they raised prices. I was like wtf? But there was no need to press him any further as he was “protecting” his store from the evils of resellers!

  2. All the thrift store chains are selling stuff online. One of the Savers in central CT has two guys that make sure all of the expensive video games don't go out on the floor and they sell them on an Ebay store.

  3. An asst. mgr. of a GW that I went to today told me that corporate is pressuring all GW's to hire a person to check online prices on books before pricing them. So it won't be long till every book that's selling FBA for $25 will probably cost $7-10 at the GW's. The ones that are already doing this usually price at about a third or a little more of whatever the lowest Prime offer is, the best I can tell.

  4. Goodwill partnership with Offerup is for high end items. I do believe this is a sign that other stores like CHKD Salvation Army and DAV will follow their lead. It isnt a shock really. Their prices has been getting higher on more " in demand" goods as they are realizing people are actually willing to spend the money. However, this change doesnt knock individual resellers off their game. 1. Goodwill is clearly in a reaction state of mind rather than getting ahead of and charging the lead in reselling that is creating the dynamic shifts. 2. Yes there are a multitudes of sourcing channels beyond goodwill. The key is relationships/partnerships. Ill give an example. The local foodbank has a partnerhship with Feeding America and through that an agreement to pick up donations from nearly every grocery store in the metroplex. However an non-affiliate indvidual and group can create a connection with single store managers that affords them the ability to work around the larger agency and still procure goods. Why? Because the larger agencies has a tendency to employ a very small team to operate this massive project thus straining their ability to create and sustain close personal relationship with the manager of individual stores. Goodwill probably do the same- which will leave the door open for resellers to still thrive.

  5. Goodwills here in the Seattle area have a “fashion focus” section where they try and sell their idea of high end or trending clothes. Recently I found a pair of Zara jeans for $30 in the fashion focus section and then moved on to find a Reformation dress for $5 in the regular section. I’ll pass on shopping overpriced mall brands on Offer Up. Also, I just don’t see skilled individuals who understand product valuation working for Goodwill. In the end, they will just be marking up their inventory to afford the increase in salaries that they will have to do in order to bring on qualified employees. Is there really any justification in that? Current sales provide feasts on the table for Goodwill executives and us resellers are only asking for food on the table for our families. Why do they have to try and add more to their wealth and take food out of our mouths? It’s irritating. But I agree that there are several other avenues resellers can use. And any sales business has to constantly rework their sales strategy in order to stay relevant and keep their heads above water. I just don’t think this will work out the way Goodwill hopes it will. Or maybe I just hope it won’t 😀

  6. Goodwill has an action style website.

  7. Has anyone noticed some of the more popular resell items have their tags ripped out? Goodwill near me had lots of things with ripped out tags….one or two items..not noticable…but when I found about 12 of the same brand items with missing tags….that is suspect!

  8. Majority of Goodwill employees are those who are less fortunate to be able to get a job elsewhere. Weather it be because of their past with the law or a disability they may have. Goodwill truly tries to help out the less fortunate weather it to be able to provide to families in need or simply to give some one a job. They also have several other programs, they are more then just a company that is accepting donations and selling the stuff in their stores. In fact they are not selling these donations for a profit. The money they make off selling stuff in their stores goes back to the employees who run the stores, who sort through the donations; even the programs that most don't know they offer like education, housing, and food assistance.

  9. This is only scary to people who can’t adapt to changing conditions. Or only have their income stream in one basket instead of diversifying. Good video, man!

  10. i down voted this video because of the annoying ad

  11. Well before i ever stepped foot in a goodwill, i was flipping items from offerup!

  12. Just because the Goodwill employees you see are former drug addicts etc doesn't mean the people they have working behind the scenes are. The goodwills in my area do a great job pulling all the best stuff off the floor and putting it online. You can't do that without a lot of knowledge. Still, we have to adapt.

  13. I don't think it is going to workout for them selling online. I think they will give it a good try but in the end it will not work out.

  14. The employees at Goodwill get treated horribly.

  15. Good Will has been on eBay for years. They cherry pick-out the name brands n bulk items as costume jewelry. And what does slip through is priced high or has damage.
    Sometimes you can make more by donating, tax write off, than you can selling items on eBay lately.

  16. G M

    Offer up is expensive as it is.

  17. Fact is Goodwill's were built by resellers the last 10 years. Saw a old potato chip slicer newish in the box for $25.00. They seem to be pricing themselves out of the market imho.

  18. I once had a goodwill employee tell me how much a cup i picked up was "selling" for on eBay and there was no actual sold listing so I put it back.

  19. Oh and they sell boxes where you can pay $20 $30 $40 $50 whatever and you get boxes of whatever size you choose or items that you choose and I’ll give you a whole box full of it then leave and ship it to you so they are being definitely more creative

  20. I’m from Seattle Washington and then I can tell you that the ones around there all have selling through eBay they actually have pickers and people that look up stuff. This is also raise the prices of just about everything because it they’re not a lot of profit to be made anymore

  21. Yes,, there not the only Place to get goods from & OFFER UP isn't the only place to sell…

  22. anywhere the pay is minimal there is no motivation, when any other job can replace your pay from where you left off

  23. You know you thrift when you see a Video about Goodwill but notice the Savers thumbnail 😂

  24. Just FYI the labor is “poor” there because they work with job placement programs to get people to work there that have intellectual disabilities or other atypical situations that prevent them from working other jobs. Not that it changes the truth that they would need to change the type of people they’re hiring to accomplish these new lofty goals. That’s a whole other issue though. :/

  25. This really saddens me.

    Thrift stores need to make a profit, of course, but the business model has changed over time because of profiteers swooping in to make a killing on items at a venue that was originally designed not only to employ people, but also to serve as a primary source for the poor to purchase things they do not have the budget to purchase new.

    As more and more people exploit every available opportunity to make a profit on such items,the poor find themselves squeezed out more and more.

    What can be done to make an income creatively, without pushing those with very little money for what they need closer and closer toward homelessness?

    When you price something at 10 or 20 cents on the dollar at your garage sale or you estate sale, and a dealer comes in and wants you to come down even more… I find that extremely vulgar!

    Let the truly poor glean some bargains, and maybe make a profit also.

    I challenge all those working this business model to include a way for those less fortunate to still be able to purchase quality items within their budget.

  26. I think goodwill will fail just like Walmart .Walmart dont want to do delivery because they have to pay higher wages…

  27. Someone needs to expose them……they arent a charity

  28. Once again. It’s clear if you are being honest. The reason they are aware of the undervalued items is solely because of Youtibe and this is based on personal knowledge. I have yet to hear a YouTube channel say that they are partly responsible. It’s not a big deal? Seriously? That is all fine and easy to say if your livelihood does not depend on the model that fed a many of families before so many YouTube channels blabbing for clicks emerged. Not only will goodwill make it harder for RA but OTHER STORES WILL FOLLOW SUIT TOO

  29. My goodwill has 2 people who go through items price them on ebay, and mark at or above ebay prices. Worst part is they price at asking prices, not selling prices. Sooner or later they will fall on their face going this route. Even yard sales people stop putting prices on things, and when you ask them how much, they whip out the phone and give ya the let me check ebay.. Then they offer it to you for 5 bucks less than selling prices, not sold prices.

  30. Should be interesting to see what their return rate will be like because employee's may not do as good a job as a reseller when it comes to descriptions and shipping.

  31. They’ll sell u anything PLUS TAX F THAT!!!

  32. I think already goodwill, when they find items they THINK are valuable, put them in a special place, or behind counter, I think those are the items, they will sell on offer up. But we all know listing and and shipping and returns are not that easy. There is NO way in the world they could list all those items, the stores are over run anyway with stuff, they need to drop the prices, or have a sale, once in a while, to clear out inventory, plus they have the bins too,

  33. Will be mostly high end furniture and other items that they never put out anyway. Plus OfferUp sucks when it comes to reliable buyers that actually show up to buy your items. Goodwill will be getting tons of messages from buyers it will be overwhelming..LOL

  34. Goodwill ecommerce departments are seperate from the stores, the stores are funnels to truck inventory to regional online teams.

  35. Goodwwill does not have quality control on their items they still sell damaged smelly clothes. Resellers at least wash them and are more selective on the condition of the items. Do you want to spend $ 14 on a dirty stained pair of designer jeans at a good will or spend $14 on a clean washed pressed pair of designer jeans from a reseller who cares about their product.

  36. I wondered when Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. were going to catch on.

  37. Yes it will be moving forward…

  38. The 9.9% fee is on top of the shipping cost

  39. In your best southern voice, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”😉

  40. How did you hear about this? I feel out of the loop! Lol

  41. Thank you for the this video Steve🤗.. I’m not worried about the offer up partnership, goodwill is not the only place out there to source😀

  42. My guess Amazon would be very flexible as far as rules go with the size of a Goodwill like they do with large China sellers

  43. goodwill is just creating more overhead for themselves instead of removing trash and junk from stores.

  44. GW isn't in the long tail game… they will still have to stick to a fast moving model due to sheer volume. The game changer will be if someone on an amazon level can figure out how to sit on merch for an eternity. The nature of commerce and society still will be to church and burn and keep up w the Jones's. Never mind that people will also never stop trying to create and dream… So ultimately I think these impacts are marginal at best and short lived. The reseller community will always thrive based on the willingness to sit on merch longer than the big guys can. That is the crack in the foundation that we capitalize on and I think you would be talking years on years before business could afford to change their models enough to keep up… which they won't because it's expensive to redesign your business to do something else than what it is meant to do. They test the market for what's seasonally popular and we get to maximize on their start by finding what they have to move on to make room for the new. (Sorry, kind of, for the novel… Nerding out.)

  45. Haven’t watched your videos in a while and came back and you look like a boss now haha

  46. Went to goodwill last Friday. Found a nice Thomas pink shirt. Realized I left my phone in the car and asked the cashier to hold it for me. She said no prob and grabbed it. Got my phone and shopped for 10 more mins. Get to register and they “lost” the shirt. Don’t be dumb like me and hold on to your finds tight in goodwill because those LOW CLASS F**KERS WILL TAKE YOUR S**T… Good video Raiken!

  47. I doubt goodwill does the level of research that we do so im not too concerned honestly….also I sell international from time to time… unless they hire one of us to do all the research and run it all…we will always be ahead of the game lol

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