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Is It Even Worth Selling On Amazon In 2021?

Is It Even Worth Selling On Amazon In 2021?

Should you start a new Amazon business in 2021 or would it be a waste of time? Two Amazon experts chat about changing customer behavior and if there’s still an opportunity for new Amazon sellers. Get started with my 💰 FREE Amazon FBA Training: https://projectlifemastery.com/fba/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=fba-page-promo&utm_term=is-it-even-worth-selling-on-amazon-in-2021&utm_content=lc-youtube-description

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In this video we’ll be sharing the insider scoop on selling on Amazon and whether it’s too late, or if there’s more opportunity to come…

With declining sales in brick and mortar stores and a constant increase in online shopping, we’ll discuss what we think you should do regarding setting up your first amazon business in 2021.

There’s no doubt that there is more competition on Amazon right now to sell your products, but that can also be a GOOD thing! It means that there is a demand for the products.

If you’re considering selling on Amazon in 2021, then this video is for you!


00:00 Introduction
01:33 Tatiana shares her thoughts on Amazon Selling
04:10 Declining physical retail
07:52 Review online sales
11:12 The amazing opportunity
14:20 You will determine your success or failure
19:15 What do you believe?
22:37 Results will reinforce your belief
25:00 You have to do it now!


Is It Even Worth Selling On Amazon In 2021?



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39 thoughts on “Is It Even Worth Selling On Amazon In 2021?

  1. Are you going to start selling on Amazon? Comment below! 👇

  2. You guys rock ilove every bit of it congratulations. Big bravo from me

  3. I was very unmotivated and unconsciously I was looking for a message like the one you have just delivered, even though it was some months ago.

    It's excellent! Just the kind of message I needed to unblock myself. I'm going to take action. Thank you.

  4. Very encouraging video guys. I am certainly starting asap. Cheers from Morocco 👍

  5. Smart man, smart and beautiful woman – compliment for both of you! Thanks for all hard informative work you guys do all the time.

  6. Thanks to both of you for this helpful video. Cheers from the top of the mountain.

  7. I love this video! I can't wait to start selling on Amazon! Thank you guys for the inspirational words. I needed this!

  8. Yeah, unfortunately I am the unemployed guy with the last dollar, or euro to be more precise, thinking of doing that, but I know it's not the best option. I've sold some things online before. It's fun. I love buying online, going to the stores is a waste of time most of the time, but with all that has happened in 2020, I got unemployed and broke and I can't stand not being my own boss, I can't stand not being the one responsible for what I get.

  9. They both are so smart but she is a master in her craft!

  10. Thank you for this video 🙌

  11. you both motivate me so much!

  12. You guys are awesome, I really appreciate this video. I can see Tatiana being a motivational speaker, LOL. You both seem so authentic…thank you? 😊

  13. Oh are they married now. The first video I saw he said gf and now they have the same last name ooo 💍

  14. How can someone dislike this video when these guys are talking with passion and sincerety. Thanx for being great!

  15. Great content. Thank you for sharing, and inspiring me to start my business on Amazon. Stefan and Tatiana, you radiate confidence, love and kindness. Have a very happy new year for 2021.

  16. Yes there is more competition but there are also more customers since the pandemic. So it has to be a win win situation if you put in some effort and good work.

  17. I love the phrase "I'd rather try something and fail, than not doing it and wonder what would have happened". Started my online business last week lol 🙂 still no sales but let's hope for the best.

  18. Stefan and Tatiana. You are so inspiring couple and transparent. Wow THANKS for giving us inspiring strength. This is wants I want to here and hunt my goals. Best of wishes to you ..

  19. Honestly, I love Tatiana so much! She built everything on her own and she's an inspiration for us! Great video guys.

  20. I am a full time (actually 24/7) nurse manager and I love what I do. I want to start FBA as a second income, no real financial limitations to start and I already completed a course. Can you recommend someone who can help me choose a product, I am stuck in that aspect. I 💯 believe Amazon will only continue to grow, thanks! I have two kids and working on my masters degree…I am disciplined and I will put the time in. I would appreciate a referral to someone who can help me with paid product research. Thanks!

  21. This is SO helpful. Thank you so much!

  22. Just wanted to say a big thank you to you both. It's refreshing when someone wants you to do well and encourage you! Wish me luck 🤞

  23. just love this video <3 wish you all the best in health finance luck just evrything. May God bless you two for being so honest and truly showing people how to improve their lifes! I thank you today and i'll update you in 6 months 29.06.21 to tell you about the results. Again God bless you i feel so grateful right now to have found you

  24. You both are absolutely amazing! Thank you very much for the great value!

  25. I really enjoy this video. Thank you for sharing..

  26. Awesome video! After setting aside money to start ASM and inventory costs im looking to join ASM this spring/summer. One concern I do have is dealing with amazon fees and never making a profit. Also I've come across some videos of amazon sellers who had their amazon accounts removed by amazon for unknown reasons so that is very concerning as well. Look forward to your thoughts on this!

  27. Love both of you. Thanks Stefan and Tatiana

  28. Such an amazing video and totally different view versus the YouTube ads that completely scare you away from fba.

  29. I always thank God I found you guys about a year a go because of you guys I joined the best community in the industry ASM since then I launched two product run out of inventory with one of my product lol but like Tatiana said it’s a good problem to have…. I hope you guys take action ❤️

  30. Wow I'm totally amazed by the way you guys conveyed all this valuable information

  31. Freaking love this video! The positivity, the realism and the value was amazing. In the process of getting a job so I can get the course for Amazon FBA.

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