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Is Driving For Amazon Flex Worth It? (2021)

Is Driving For Amazon Flex Worth It? (2021)

Is driving for Amazon Flex worth it? After driving on the platform for three years I review the most current version of the Flex app for drivers and discuss the newest platform updates.

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🖥Video Timecodes🖥
0:00 – Intro
0:48 – What Is Amazon Flex?
1:23 – Bluetooth Locker Deliveries (New)
2:27 – Key By Amazon Deliveries (New)
3:11 – Amazon Flex Rewards (New)
4:39 – Flat Pay Rate On Flex
5:40 – Full Shift Payouts
6:34 – Shift Availability Problems
7:21 – How Limited Onboarding Affects You
7:57 – Low Minimum Payouts?
8:27 – What Do You Do With A Package You Can’t Deliver?
9:50 – Overall Verdict
10:59 – You Must Do This When Driving For Flex

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QUESTION – What do you think? Is driving for Amazon Flex worth it in 2021? Let us know in the comments section of this video.

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26 thoughts on “Is Driving For Amazon Flex Worth It? (2021)

  1. ⚡️Watch my WORST experience driving for Flex here:

  2. My relationship is fantastic, and I have a Level 4 account with all achievements unlocked, but I would like to give some wisdom to those starting out, or simply those that need help.

    First, most drivers can agree with:

    – Amazon doesn't reward remote deliveries that send you out 35-50 miles away to rural zones. These zones can damage your car and waste your time due to a long way back.

    – Reserved Blocks $30-$60 will never let you know where you will will go and how many stops you will have. You may only get two stops and your tip may be lower as result.

    – "Alcohol" ID verification is a headache in all kinds of situations. Sometimes customers are not at home and you have to come back later to try to deliver. Some customers refuse to give you the iD for scanning.

    – Customer honesty is very low. You can take a picture of your delivery and Amazon will still give the benefit of the doubt to the customer.

    – In downtowns, you will have to deal with climbing multiple floors with heavy deliveries, making it very tough. Furthermore, there are limited parking spaces. All of this has a time limitation aswell.

    – They will never have any consideration for your efforts. Every day you will notice how the new drivers have two shopping carts full of packages and you just run the risk of having really bad offers. Amazon may consider you to be more experienced driver and do this, but this tells you that no matter how well you do your job and have your rank improved and unlock achievments, there doesn't seem to be any reward for being a long time driver.

    – When being paid, instant offers that promised $70 can give you $50 due to customers taking away your tips. It is true that most of the time they pay you very close to what they promise, but it hurts due to a promise not being made. You are more likely to be punished than to be rewarded.

    – In this last one, I will put all the little problems that you may have to deal with:

    1.) The bad packaging of the bags,

    2.) Customers having a bad day,

    3.) Dangerous neighborhoods,

    4.) Customers super pissed off when you have to verify their ID early in the morning.

    5.) Dangerous dogs that are loose and may pose danger.

    6.) The navigator directs you through streets that are in construction. This delays your arrival time and delivery as a whole.

    7.) Returning a package or packages to a warehouse or WF station will always negatively impact your account no matter how much you tried to deliver it to the customer.

    Finally, there may be drivers that some way or another, always recieve the best offers. I don't know if is corruption or hackers, but it is definetly noticable. I have stayed at 4 A.M in front of the Whole Foods and haven't recieved an offer while there is always the same person getting blocks.

    I will keep working on this list, but if you know of any that I missed, please post in the comments.

  3. I need advice!!!! I I have been working for Amazon in a warehouse for almost 6 years. I do 3 12hr overnight shifts (so 36hrs/week) and I’m at 23hr between my hourly and my differential. Unfortunately covid affected my family and it left me without a babysitter for that shift. Changing to another shift I would end up at 20hr and I would still have times when I would need to find a babysitter. I’m really wondering how the shifts work with flex and if it would work for me. I forget to mention I have two babies 3yrs old so a babysitter is sometimes more then I make a hour. A shift from 4pm-10pm I would have FREE babysitter.

  4. It was the same for royal mail in the UK and any delivery company I imagine, anything you don't deliver, you have to return to the depot before the end of the day.

  5. I tried it today in LA my first order was to an apartment building on the 3rd floor! The guy had a order with 9 bags and 2 cases of water lol I took like 4 trips back to my car 🤦🏼‍♀️ I need to get a cart or something to help me carry the stuff

  6. O A

    I have been active on Flex since 2018. Recipe to stay active on the app : show up on time, don't ask for overtime pay and don't return packages unless absolutely necessary.

  7. Dude its so crazy i live in SD and was thinking about starting and found your vid. Talk about serendipity

  8. HYNTECH_ on |G is the one true person I can recommend to you that was able to reactivate my account permanently.

  9. HYNTECH_ on |G is the one true person I can recommend to you that was able to reactivate my account permanently.

  10. I say No. I live in Houston and the distance is far, I drove 40 minutes to my first delivery. Not worth the miles on my car. Also I delivered to really bad areas made me feel unsafe.

  11. Did my first fresh delivery today. Not for me.

  12. Is this self contract ???

  13. I relocated to Illinois and lost my place to live and my job when the state shut us down currently I’m still paying like 300 a week for a hotel trying to do food delivery to keep a roof over my head. I can’t just get a cheap apartment because I’m young with no co signed or credit history. I was going alright with grubhub but now it’s hard to make over 3 or 400 a week. How much do you guys make doing flex? I need to figure out something fast to make more money since food delivery has tanked and I don’t have many other options right now

  14. I think it's the best job for actors who need to take any random day off to do auditions and movie gigs

  15. I make $1000 in 3 hours at the casino playing Baccarat is better than driving for 5 days in amazon flex 💪

  16. If you work Amazon distribution center can I still do Amazon flex ?

  17. Amazon warehouse employees won't let you get out of your car and scan your route until after your scheduled start time, resulting in lowering your reliability rating. Complained about this several times with no response.

  18. they accept G2 driver license 🤔?

  19. Anyone done this is San Diego?

  20. I think you need to be flexible on where you get your pay check from and not be fully under Amazon for you pay

  21. Why in Chicago, they send me to the hood.

  22. My ears perked up when I heard you say you're driving in Pittsburgh now as thats where I live and recently began the process to drive with Amazon Flex. Thanks for this!

  23. they like to abuse you they made me do 45 packages really far from each other and there was one that was super big and heavy they send me 40 miles down 40 miles up 40 miles to return I was going dizzy in my car its so hot and my ac blows hot air never doing that robbery abusive amazon flex again 70 bucks for 6 hours -30 of gas

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