Is Dollar Tree Retail Arbitrage Dead in 2020?

Is Dollar Tree Retail Arbitrage Dead in 2020?

In this video, we go to Dollar Tree and find retail products we can buy and resell online for a profit! We are selling items on eBay, Amazon, Mercari, and even Etsy, if you do it right.

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45 Thoughts to “Is Dollar Tree Retail Arbitrage Dead in 2020?”

  1. You would do better to get a 2nd job…

  2. Thanks πŸ™ for this video on Dollar Tree. I had done some retail arbitrage there in the past and found great flips. I’m in Anchorage now and there’s no DTs here, so have to look elsewhere

  3. I send items such as seeds with a 55 cent stamp in a small cardboard envelope Very rarely do customers say they didn’t receive them. Lower costs makes more sales.

  4. you only selling 2k per month?

  5. People need to know it is the process that is important, then the items.
    Learning how is key.
    I replaced getting part time jobs just following the process of yours and other people of coirse.
    Always keep grinding.

  6. Holy disclaimer batman, hahahaha…. some folks are so narrow minded! Don't be a shithead!!! Love it!

  7. Yes. It is dead.
    This video has 2,486 views (May 11, 2020).
    Let's say that 10% of people that viewed this video go to DT and start reselling the sames items…. That's 248 more people sourcing from the same place… Add that number to the people that were already doing it.

    The answer to the video: Yes… It's dead.

  8. Thank you on discussing on whether to use First class or Priority mail! Learned something new! Thank you and going to subscribe!

  9. As much as I want to resell from Dollar Tree, I was thinking during this pandemic if we even allowed to hoard the same type of products like that in the store? Or unless an employee says something about it or have a sign stating "Limit 1 customer?" Please and thanks! I'd like to know this instead reselling from expensive Target a lot!

  10. In regards to shipping seeds, I have some perspective. I sell trading cards on ebay, using pwe and stamps. Out of roughly ~400 transactions, I have been scammed once. Sorry, twice. The loser's account got frozen for scamming others, so he had the bright idea of creating ANOTHER account and tried to scam me again. Order cancelled and blocked πŸ˜‚. Now, I have no idea on the ratio for seed sellers, but I would still believe it would come down to risk tolerance.

  11. Huh

    invoice ?????????????

  12. On the books with remainder marks can you sell them as used on Amazon and is there any profit from them if you do?

  13. OLA

    I have always like your vlogs. I appreciate the extra explanation helps me to understand better.

  14. Thank u SOOO much! Can't wait for more tips in the next video!

  15. Unless you got your own website to sell on your nothing but a chump

  16. I like this format- thx

  17. Nice video! Thanks for sharing

  18. Thank you for sharing in these times when having a way to make money is very much needed. πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

  19. Dollar tree is not dead. I went Retail Arbitrage yesterday bought over 100 bluray to sell on Ebay. πŸ˜ŽπŸ’ΏπŸ‘

  20. Just keep doing these videos and you will even tank dollar tree stuff lol or amazon will dominate over small sellers πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

  21. Books not really for me cleaning products yes all the live long day.

  22. I just buy puzzles and coloring books

  23. Thanks again Walter for a new video. Your videos are always motivating!!

  24. I just bought a whole pile of those seeds the other day from dollar tree to resell!

  25. Still have soap and Trolli candy lol

  26. Stellar content as always Blake! Thx so much! ❀️

  27. Amazon just shipped out the last 2 orders of mine today from one of my best weeks ever and that includes 2 dollar tree items. I need to get more stuff as I have sold out on some items and running low overall. I was going to work more on eBay as have sports card collection sitting in the closet,lol but hopefully, the border and stores open up soon so I can get more stuff.

  28. I love your channel πŸ™‚ I am thinking about selling dollar store stuff over the weekend as a side job (I'm a medical student :), do you think that is a good idea or should only be a full-time job?
    I live your channel, I try not to be a shit head πŸ™‚

  29. Come on, teaching peeps to sell as New without an invoice or itemized receipt is setting their AZ account up for suspension. @4:50

  30. Keep posting these useful videos …

  31. Can I sell books as used like new with remainder marks?

  32. I had just asked question about dropshipping on your last video, but found your answer, thank you for saving me from alot of wasted time. I have tons of places to source stuff around me, 3 thrift stores, 2 dollar stores, and others within 5 minute walk from me.

  33. Glad to see these kinds of videos again WBK.

  34. Love your videos. If you have time, can you do a video on the fixed cost that you may not figure out by item, but probably have for cost of running the business or for tax purposes. I am thinking rent of other building costs in general, shelves and furniture you like, bar code readers, shipping boxes or non USPS free supplies, tape, scales, packing paper, labels, testing supplies and any services you pay for. Stuff you have at the warehouse to use to ship that goes into the overall business expenses and not with the individual items. You scoffed at gas because I agree it is dumb to expense it to the individual items, but maybe you keep track of milage for your business for business expense tax reasons. Starting out, we slowly accumulate things that work for us and that we buy, but you have done that for years and maybe it would be interesting to review.

  35. I wish I had been subscribed when I worked at Dollar tree

  36. Hi Walter! You're deeply appreciated, brother, generously sharing your expertise, helping those who want to learn, etc. Excellent work and excellent channel, bro. Wishing you and your loved ones all the best. Cheers. 🌟 Carlos

  37. I love these videos, thank you!!!

  38. Great video, good to see your face once again. I never would of thought of seeds makes sense thanks.

  39. I like the video and your pandemic hair.

  40. Absolutely love your attitude. Pay it forward. And you did. I wanted to get a shirt that says people suck. God bless you and us all

  41. Blake, I love this. I would never have thought to sell seeds or envelopes. Easy to ship, easy to store. Books for me, not so much. Your comment about the gas had me rolling on the floor. Gas, seriously. There are 3 dollar type stores within a mile of my house. I can’t go anywhere without passing by one of them.

  42. Thank you so very much. You are amazing. God bless you and us all

  43. I'm selling a specific dollar tree item that I can sell 3 for $20 and luckily I work there so I get to buy the whole case and can make easily over $100 on just that lol.
    Now I need to look for more items to sell.

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