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Is Amazon FBA Still Worth Starting In 2021? TRUTH Revealed

Is Amazon FBA Still Worth Starting In 2021? TRUTH Revealed

Here is the Truth about starting Amazon FBA in 2021! Learn about its fees, pros, and cons as well as some secrets no one is telling you about!

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1. Oversaturation (0:23)
2. China (3:52)
3. Amazon Fees (5:12)
4. Amazon Is Making It Harder (7:40)
5. Not as Easy (8:30)
6. Best Selling Method on Amazon (8:48)

How To Sell On Amazon Step by Step:


Tools I recommend:
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20 thoughts on “Is Amazon FBA Still Worth Starting In 2021? TRUTH Revealed

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  2. Great video collection! I'm learning so much from you! I have a product like no other that's taken off on Etsy so here's hoping it will on Amazon too! Thank you!!!

  3. I have a private label of long sleeve shirts. I do ombre shirts in cotton. Usually almost all the ombre shirts are made in polyester. Everyone say my shirts are beautiful. I am about to start it on amazon FBA. Despite it is a private label (which I buy the shirts from a manufacterer and dye them by my own) it is a product hard to find on-line. Wht do you think about? Is there anyway I can send you a pic of that? Thank you.

  4. Hi Travis, I appreciate when you spend time to reach out to me
    Question: Should we hire a third party in China to inspect the products and then ship them directly to the Amazon Warehouse?

    Or should we ask the Chinese supplier to ship the goods to us and inspect the product by ourselves then hire a truck or delivery to deliver to Amazon Warehouse?

    Also can you tell me a team that does it dedicatedly, legit and good price?

  5. you got a swiss flag on the italian torre di Pisa…..how that happened!?!?

  6. I am an Author. I have a book on Amazon. now I have 1600 MAKING THE IRRATIONAL RATIONAL book in my private storage. how I can move it to FBA

  7. Wtf. this is restarded I’ve trie this didn’t work.
    Most people post make money online videos to get viewers on YouTube. Few of them work the only way I’ve made money online is Affiliate marketing. I’ve put the video in my channel about it2

  8. Sell.Tools is ALOT better. Created by a 9- figure Amazon seller.

  9. Stop spreading FUD to discourage new sellers you con man.

    1 – “Oversaturated”. STATISTICALLY FALSE. The seller to buyer ratio is lower than it has ever been on Amazon FBA in 2021. It’s the best opportunity in the market right now. Saying amazon FBA is saturated in 2021 is the same as saying bitcoin had reached its peak price back in 2011.
    2 – “China” What? Do you even know what trademark and amazon brand registry are? Also, chinese listings are really bad with really poor grammar and branding, if you have at least two brain cells you won’t lose to chinese sellers. American/western sellers with bad intentions are far worse to deal with.
    3 – “Amazon fees” 40-50% profit straight to your pocket is almost unheard of in most business models, it doesn’t matter how many fees amazon puts us through as long as those margins stay the same. Thats dumb af.
    4 – “Amazon is making it harder” Who cares? That’s even better for us. Less competition and less low IQ people spamming low quality listings and flooding the website with garbage.
    5 – “Not as easy” Again, who cares?! Also, for 2021 there are no storage limits for brand new sellers, and when there are it’s usually 450-500, again what are you talking about?

    I guess thats what u do when you sell private labeled peanut butter on Amazon, try to discourage people from competing against you smh.

  10. Lol I have been watching for a while and it starting to seem like their is no diff from private label and creating a product. Both of them is taking some ones product that is already made. Both is putting your company name on it. Both can easily be took and reproduced by china or someone els. Like your product. what is stopping me in america or some one from china from going and buying it. going to a manufacter and telling them i want all this and add this nut too and make my bag a lil diff and name diff and say i created the product or just private label it.

  11. As a Chinese, I totally agree with you.

  12. I like the delivery of ur video and how u get Str8 to the point I’m subscribed !

  13. Thanks you for making the delivery of your video not boring… some of these videos are hard to sit through because their energy is boring but yours isn’t ☺️

  14. So your saying become and inventor? And sell it for a mint.

  15. With the amount you invested vs how much profit you made…there was still loss, is it still worth it?

  16. S P

    Do you have to make YouTube videos as an Amazon FBA seller? I see so many people are making Amazon fba vidoes. Like why do they need to make YouTube videos if they making so much money on FBA? Please help me answer this

  17. DO EBAY….better than Amazon

  18. No disrespect good information but you made over 30% profit you should be happy about that.

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