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Is Amazon FBA Still Worth Starting During The Coronavirus Pandemic? TRUTH Revealed

Is Amazon FBA Still Worth Starting During The Coronavirus Pandemic? TRUTH Revealed

Here is the Truth about Amazon FBA during the Coronavirus Crisis, including updates on Amazon stopping FBA, and an OPPORTUNITY NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT!

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My Second Year on Amazon FBA:


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22 thoughts on “Is Amazon FBA Still Worth Starting During The Coronavirus Pandemic? TRUTH Revealed

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  2. 🙁 My tattoo studio was shut down during the lock downs. I went 6 months without work taking a govenment check in Canada. Then we were able to open up our business again last month…last week the government announce that our "Second Wave" is here! The east coast is already locking down again and shutting down businesses like mine again. I got in on a book arbitrage business last month and I started selling books as an FBA seller this month…but the money isn't coming in like I thought it would. I started looking into other ways to use my Amazon Sellers account this week and found your channel. I am finding your info very helpful! <3 I would love it if you mentored me!

  3. Losing a job after 20years… starting over at 42…God knows what’s next for me

  4. Im staying at home and buying from amazon so i think if i sell amazon a will gain a good amount of $$

  5. “A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan, backed by action, makes your dreams come true.” ~Greg Reid

  6. I agree that time is so  uncertain… however there is no such thing like good or bad times to start.For sure people started buying more as they are locked down at home ,so maybe it’s the opportunity to jump in.I would say everyone should  be very careful in his launch and plan steps ahead. What i can recommend is if someone  will decide to launch on Amazon exactly now  than they can use next level ninjas service to get verified reviews and social media buzz,I personally used it now and my sales during quarantine have increased

  7. This man is a genius, we should think of products people will need after the pandemic is over, thank you sir! What a great fucking idea!

  8. I need help with product research, still can’t find the right thing to sell and it’s been MONTHS

  9. Hey Travis,i have good product its supplement ,its good for kids,bodybuilders or just regular people,i can create lable and can shipp it from overseas, or i can get recipe and make it here,i can put it on amazon,costco,walmart and other,my problem how to make all this with less mistake i know its not easy,i have couple other companies but its trucking business totally different industry

  10. I have retired from my life long job of 36 years. I want to start an on line business selling on Amazon. I am a baby boomer. I want to find an online product that is of interest and helpful to people. We are also passionate RVers. Would love to come up with a niche for RVers. I’m not sure what that is at this time. Just starting out and found you on YouTube. I have listened to others on YouTube before I found you. I like you and what you have to say.

  11. Love this video Travis, you are the clearest at explaining the reality of the situation going on, I did want to start my Amazon FBA private label business, I saw a gap in the market after studying my idea. I then watched a video you posted about Amazon & China sellers just selling straight onto Amazon & basically jeopardizing your chances of making a great income. I see you actually created your own product and think this is the way forward. Is there any other business ventures you would recommend at the moment? I would love to win the free consulting session with you!

  12. Great information! I was studying real estate investing and stocks. Just recently I started to look at a business on Amazon. Your videos are very informative and teach the complete beginner everything. Thank you!

  13. Hello Travis, I am so glad i came across this video. First all thank you. You answered the question that have been wondering since April 13 when i came across FBA seller. i have watched a total of 21 youtube videos about this subject and by far yours has only been the one who answered my question. I am considering starting this business but with this Covid-19 I am not sure if the right moment to do it.

  14. Thank Travis, I lost my job and I’m looking how to make money.

  15. Thank You for this important information Travis

  16. Too much blah blah…just to get to some generic business point everybody knows.

  17. Thanks for being transparent. It seems like a lot of knowledgeable FBA sellers are being extra quiet right now, at a time when new sellers are desperately in need of a little direction. I’d be so grateful for a consulting session with you. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  18. I'm an Amazon seller I'm new as soon as I brought my products block but I didn't let it get me down I'm working on my brand I'm writing down ideas still going working out trying not to get stressful but keep focus

  19. In short, the crisis has made me realize that I need to diversify my income sources, and that is what brought me here.

  20. Great content. I appreciate your thoughts on ecommerce trends

  21. It’s been affecting me in a good way I’m trying to find a way to come out on top! I’ve been doing a lot of research. Could e commerce be a good idea!??

  22. Thanks for sharing Travis. I have an issue, i tried signing up for seller central. My country of citizenship and residence which is the US popped up in the drop down menu but my country of birth though listed on eligible countries to sell does not pop up. I am stuck at this stage in the registration process. Kindly advise.

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