Investing In Basketball Cards Using Gary Vee's Strategy! – Sports Card Investing

Investing In Basketball Cards Using Gary Vee's Strategy! - Sports Card Investing

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– 3 Long-term, Underground Basketball Card Investments

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19 Thoughts to “Investing In Basketball Cards Using Gary Vee's Strategy! – Sports Card Investing”

  1. SVP

    Do you know how hard it is to win MVP? How can you say that Luka will definitely win MVP in 2-3 years?

  2. I'm new to collect cards, anyone have some suggestion about who is a cheap rookie and will go up in a few years?

  3. I think yordan alvarez is undervalued kids a stud

  4. Why would I subscribe to your membership program, when you are just regurgitating Gary Vee's ideas? You have to come up with your own material.

  5. Luka now has 10K PSA 10 Prizms – he’ll never hit $1200-$1300 because there will always be a supply. Giannis will hold his high value because the demand will always outweigh the supply. Not many people are opening $5K boxes of 2013 Prizm basketball so his supply of PSA 10’s won’t ever really grow from where it is today. Supply vs Demand is THE key point in what Gary Vee does when talking about cards and something being undervalued and you’re missing it completely with your projection.

  6. numbered cards is is the way to go imo, so many print runs on these prizms

  7. Guys that I am buying right now are who I believe will be going off the rails card price-wise- Jayson Tatum potential is unlimited in Boston/ Devin Booker either they build around him or he leaves to join a contender you can't lose with this kids ability to play and score/Bradley Beal I believe it won't be long before he goes to a contender and his cards explode (maybe to the lakers)/Kevin Durant's cards have not caught up to a 4-time scoring champ with multiple championships and now in a large market when he returns his cards will get a bump he returns like the old Duran his cards will explode. If you cant buy the PSA 10, Buy 9's/Buy serial numbered cards(whatever is the lowest number you can afford).

  8. Do think Kobe cards will go up in August when he is officially in the hof

  9. am a huge Luka fan but saying him winning championships and MVPs is "a certainty" is a bit much. Things don't have to be black or white. There could be another wonderkid just round the corner to compete with him, Giannis isn't going anywhere quick, some other guys might develop, who knows. He has the clear potential, sure

  10. 1990 FLEER GARY PAYTON BOUGHT OUT, Check EBAY listings!! 🤯 this last dance doco is doing some wild stuff

  11. Gary Vee is tha PUMP N DUMP King!! 👎

  12. Thanks for making this video. I'm gonna check out Fox and Booker for sure.

  13. @ 2:51 that’s my eBay listing .. PSA 10 Luka Select Sliver .. add me on Instagram CardboardInvestMint always down to buy, sell or trade 📈

  14. Do you think Luka's Prizm silver print run is too high to be as good of an investment as everyone thinks?

  15. You have to be careful not to put to much stock into a career not yet played. Any prospects regardless of how good they are can have a career changing or ending occurrence. Go read about Tony Corigliaro. Very promising career until a disastrous at bat. He was ne or the same again. He never got to have the career everyone envisioned for him. Just saying don't put the cart before the horse. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Love your vids man. Thanks for answering my questions in ig

  17. Love your vids man. Thanks for answering my questions in ig

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