Introduction To ScoutIQ Webinar – October 3rd, 2019

Introduction To ScoutIQ Webinar - October 3rd, 2019

In this video I do a LIVE Q&A with ScoutIQ Trial users to help new sellers navigate the app and answer questions related to selling on Amazon.


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Amazon Scanning/Scouting App – ScoutIQ

My Preferred Listing Software – Accelerlist

The Best Tracking Spreadsheet For Amazon Sellers


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One Thought to “Introduction To ScoutIQ Webinar – October 3rd, 2019”

  1. Huge mega-sellers who price at the rock bottom; large bulk sellers who price nearly at the rock bottom; thrift stores and libraries that sell nearly all the books they get worth buying online, or refer to online prices and then price their books too high to invest in; teams of scouters everywhere; etc, etc. With all this and more is there any hope for the lone individual solopreneur who isn't a master deal maker, tech genius, or surrounded by dozens of sourcing locations within a ten-minute drive? It all gets very discouraging.

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