International Non UK & USA Ebay Dropshipping Sellers

International Non UK & USA Ebay Dropshipping Sellers

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In this Ebay dropshipping video I look at the opportunity international sellers have on Ebay.

Most people on Youtube are always talking about getting tax exempt in USA or VAT registered in UK, these are huge obstacles non US and UK residents face.

Well this is just extra work, when you are dropshipping from Aliexpress, there is huge opportunity and it is time that people from all over the world start to maximise on this window of opportunity

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๐Ÿ†“ Free Ebay Dropshipping Guide:
๐Ÿ“– Ebay Dropshipping Masterclass:

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21 Thoughts to “International Non UK & USA Ebay Dropshipping Sellers”

  1. I live in the Netherlands and dutch people

    A. Do not use Ebay

    B. We have no global shipping program

    C. Shipping cost are expensiv here

    D. There is another famous marketplace here.. were people only want to buy stuff for โ‚ฌ5 – -โ‚ฌ10

    E.They buy from aliexpress themself

    I'm not complaining but it's frustrating hearinh people say 'you can copy my method and apply it in your country'

    I would challenge anyone to try and sell on and see what we deal with

  2. not saying this is fact but Alexander Polischuk on youtube is teaching that someone outside of uk can make a uk business/address and will then have the 85k threshold limit intill vat register.

  3. There are 2 main reasons everyone want to dropship to the uk and us 1. purchasing power 2. english language is commonly spoken while spanish, french, german is not (plus its harder to find cheap VAs speaking these languages) . Ebay is not even present in most countries, and i mean EU countries not 3rd world places (there are only 10 Ebay countries in the EU and 28 member states).

  4. one problem about paypal is that though it does work in more then 200 counties
    it doesnt work in pakistan and theres no DIRECT payment gateway here sadly

  5. 6:05
    i aint trusting someone who had a dead fly in their eye

  6. What shipping times is advised for Aliexpress items? Hard time on US ebay, competitors have 2 days fast shipping, same items. Don't really have this sales issue if I'm using Home Depot stuff.
    Cheers, bro

  7. Hey sarwar i hope you having a wonderful day can i ask you please Epacket is china post or usps for usa
    But what about Aliexpress standard shipping what do you put in carrier name ?

  8. Hey who's address do I put for the billing address on amazon when dropshipping on eBay?

  9. what listing software do u use for aliexpress ds

  10. As an International seller myself I really liked this video.
    May I ask you what do you think about listing the same item twice but with a different name (to test it) and with lets say different number of variations (if the main listing has 9, the new one has lets say only 5 of them)? Is this against some ebay policies? Thanks for the content !

  11. What do I do when eBay only gives me the options to pick 2-3 day postage or less

  12. Hi there great video as always! I live in Greece and I have a US ebay store and everything you say in this video is TRUE! I have tried everything and failed and now my last hope is aliexpress. Can you please tell me about the shipping do I put FREE shipping worldwide and how can we choose the trusted seller on aliexpress so the item gets to our customer as fast as possible and safe?
    I am not enrolled in the ebay global shipping program.

  13. Hi Sarwar, You can talk about your next videos on the subject: Vero violation, and what can you do to avoid it? I received a restriction on uploading Listings . And I'm really nervous that if I ever bring up a product that is VERO, I'll get away from eBay for life. Thanks, Gal ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ

  14. You know what I love about your videos, you are straight to the point and SMART! Also, I love the fly story, we all have one!

  15. brother i have a question to you 1

  16. Off topic, whatโ€™s your opinion on โ€œpicture optimisationโ€ eg fast delivery, trusted seller, 15% sale logos in with your product photo?

  17. ahh the fly things. i hate them. i ride a bike to work and damm it happens too often.

  18. i live in brasil, i have a account selling on ebay… but looks very difficult to start selling.. my itens dont have 30 views.. ๐Ÿ™ is my account flaged >?>>

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