Interesting Instagram Algorithm Updates – July/August 2019

Interesting Instagram Algorithm Updates - July/August 2019

Instagram Insider exposes Shadowban and other Instagram Algorithm Updates.

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Instagram’s secret announcement: 00:23
Insider Exposes Information: 03:11
Action Block Update: 04:28
Like Feature Removed: 06:48

There’s been a secret update regarding the banning of instagram accounts – basically they’re going to start punishing accounts a lot harder and with a system. Also, I share with you, kinda a long kept secret of a conversation I’ve had with an Instagram Insider who told me some interesting insights.

#InstagramUpdates #InstagramAlgorithm

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30 Thoughts to “Interesting Instagram Algorithm Updates – July/August 2019”

  1. A wise man once tweeted to me that there's going to be a huge Instagram Account review next week. So drop your lines down below! Also – talk about your goals and what you want to achieve with your personal brand so I can give you laser targeted tips ⚡️

  2. I see u popping in my instagram stories 🤣🙌 that’s so cool
    N thank u always for these helpful videos 🙂

    Let’s just say I have to change my instagram game lmao 😂thank u new Instagram rules 😞😂

  3. I can't see how many view i have on my recent video an1 can help ??

  4. I grew my account to 70k use to have high engagement but everything dropped what can I do now to sort it or do I have to start a new account?

  5. It's really fucked up how unprofessional, petty, and unfair instagram is on many innocent users.

  6. Thanks so much Dominik for this Update. It is based on official Instagram Texts and not just your thoughts 👍🏽

    There is a Score for each Account how valueable each one is. Don’t use Bots, it will destroy your Score.

  7. Sheep people be like O this is a good idea to take freedom of speech more and more

  8. I’m at 226K and my followers have completely stopped. It’s been about a week. What’s going on. I went from gettin 1k a day followers to maybe 250.

  9. Promote at least one post a month on Instagram. Instragram likes when you use every single one of there functions which includes spending money by promoting posts.

  10. Instagram is just trying to become…. more filtered, although this isn't necessarily good. Instagram is statically the best social media platform in terms of post engagement so a lot of people are using Instagram. With more and more people joining the platform, Instagram needs a way to organize itself so that it doesn't become too oversaturated. But this also means that it will be harder for smaller pages to grow and in my opinion, if this keeps up this might mean that only the more popular accounts will have a higher "trust score" meaning that it will not be the best platform anymore. I mean look at what happened here on YouTube; 5-6 years ago it was much easier if you wanted to grow your own channel. Today it's just not quite the same…

  11. So unnecessary and stupid. On top of all of this I’m pretty sure they want you to do paid promotions to get your old reach back.

  12. Hello domnick,
    I need ur suggestion…In may,I have 95k followers..still now I didn't able to reach between this month,my engagement rate reduce to low… followers decreases day by day..I need a solution to recover my page..

  13. Hey dominic, I was wondering if you could either review my account brick.custoz or explain what's bad thanks!😊👌

  14. 303

    Is it possible for u to make avid about YouTube algorithm? In 2019 its OK if u can't

  15. Just know you are the S ugar H oney I ce T ea 💯💯💯💯💯

  16. Im in New Zealand. i have a strong opinion on not being able to see like amounts now, still can on my computer though.

  17. The problem is that they delete nudity in art… & they say paintings don't go against community guidelines, it says so literally in the guidelines, but I had a painting with nudity in it & appealed against the removal, & it was restored, but LATER, it was removed again & there was no way for me to restore it a second time.

  18. dang this update is trash. i just miss the old instagram where it was easy to grow & posts were in chronological order

  19. Dominik, is it still safe to unfollow the people who don't follow me? And to what extend?

  20. This is a big update, but I think it's a good update as it will clean up Instagram and people will start to only see high-quality SFW content on their feed. Which I think needs to happen. I see way too many people posting sketchy things. Thanks for the great video!

  21. so if automation it's dead, dm groups are dead, how do you grow an accont?

  22. I like less than 10 posts a day on my 100k account but I got like blocked after 3 likes lol

  23. people do alot of weird sht on the tube and gram for the likes

  24. It's all about the money. Social media has been unfair for years. Had nothing to do with so called spam. FB bought IG because they saw how many people were being self made and FB saw it as a money pit ;).

  25. eye

    havent been doing anything at all and my account is still shadowbanned. im an artist and this had been so demotivating and depressing as it means everything to me

  26. I have not used follow/unfollow or pawerlikes in like 1 months should i be good

  27. Hey Dominik, since you say bots are pretty much dead/unsafe to use. What option can you recommend for growing my followers? I’m trying the old fashions follow method but will eventually have to unfollow at one point.

  28. This is very interesting brotha, Preciate the info!!!

  29. I'm an hip hop artist, and I'm currently tryna get to 10k followers to have the swipe up feature

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