Instagram Marketing: How to Sell on Instagram? [2020] | Hotmart Tips

Instagram Marketing: How to Sell on Instagram? [2020] | Hotmart Tips

Do you want to know how to attract new buyers using Instagram?

In this Hotmart Tips, we explain the main features of this social network and offer 15 tips for selling more using the app. Find out more about:

How to use content marketing on Instagram.
How to lead followers to your sales page.
How to encourage your audience to interact with you.
How to get more out of the tools of this social network.
How to use ads to sell more.

Watch the video and learn more!

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4 Thoughts to “Instagram Marketing: How to Sell on Instagram? [2020] | Hotmart Tips”


    The art of selling on Instagram goes down in the dms.

    The direct message is the best way to build relationships with your followers and sell them products that solves their problem.


    These two work hand in hand if you use them the right way, the best way you can sell using stories and dms is by creating a story webinar….

    Provide value on a topic that is relevant to your product, example….

    If you sell weight loss courses, you can provide on basic tips to loose weight and you make a poll to preframe your call to action then you give your call to action.


    Make a poll to preframe your call to action, example….
    Do you want to lose weight now

    DM me weight loss to start your weight loss program, then you have them in the dms and sell them on the product.

    Also reach out to people who leave valuable comments on your posts and build relationships with then, this will make it easier to sell them.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Would be more than happy to help & serve β™₯️

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    I’ll create an Instagram Account.
    I don’t have one….. πŸ˜”

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