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Instagram Marketing from Beginner to Advanced

Instagram Marketing from Beginner to Advanced

Start your personal brand today!

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms for businesses and users. 30+ Million companies worldwide are using Instagram to promote their business. It’s definitely the place you want to go and optimize to promote your business.

Here is how to rapidly grow your business on Instagram:

– Create a Marketing Strategy
Define Target Audience
Set Goals and Objectives
Focus on Performance Metrics
Commit to Regular Posting Schedule

Optimize your profile
Use Brand Voice
Include Hashtags
Use Emojis
Use spaces and line breaks
Optimize Profile Pic
Use logo
Same picture on all Social Media Profiles- to help identify the brand
Upload a photo at least 320 pixels square
Include contact info
Choose a category
Use call to action buttons

Is your business on Instagram?

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10 thoughts on “Instagram Marketing from Beginner to Advanced

  1. Wow! A lot of information in 13 minutes. I am currently in grad school, a 56-year old who finally has the opportunity to fulfill one of her dreams. The current class is on social medial and internet marketing. We have been covering/will continue to cover the major social platforms. To say that the way we now market has changed from how things were done when I first began in the business world is an understatement. It's been so exciting to continue expanding my knowledge of these platforms. Thank you for your part in continuing my education. I look forward to watching more of your videos.

  2. This was so helpful. I love the actionable advice. I was taking notes! I'm new to DM so I soaked this up. Thanks and keep posting

  3. Hey Jordan, what program did you use to create the campaign map? Great video btw!!

  4. Can you do a video on how to capture and generate content from remote clients? (for fb & ig)

  5. When starting out at this time with influencer marketing, best bring auditing platforms such as influencer auditor with you in order to avoid the recent influx of fake influencers and become a potential victim

  6. What I learned: First and most important thing is a map / campaign plan: building awareness, then that turns into leads, consideration phases, reminders and offers. If they don't buy, give the best offer and do a post purchase campaign. Second, Instagram ads: targeting, for placement – don't use automatic. Make sure to select feed ad/ story ad. Carousel ads help us get more than 15 seconds on a story and link the carousel stories.

  7. First you give great content on both YouTube and Instagram.
    What I learn from this is ..
    Branding on Instagram, be honest to the customer or reply and connect personally to the customers and clients, Instagram bio and design for posting the content really matters, even your a expert or beginner, CTA also is excellent advice in bio, 70 % Instagram and rest 30 % for other social media for SMM.

  8. I learned that IG should be used for brand awareness versus selling. And the statistic that 71% of users are under 35.

  9. What I learned was I didn’t realize how powerful of a tool Instagram was for marketing and even remarketing. Blew my mind ?

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