Instagram Marketing 101: 8 Tips for Creating Engaging Visuals on Instagram

Instagram Marketing 101: 8 Tips for Creating Engaging Visuals on Instagram

Instagram is a uniquely visual platform, so it’s important to thing about the graphics and images that you share on your feed. What are the best ways to see the most engagement and return from your Instagram marketing? Learn more with Visme:

What does your Instagram feed look like? What types of visuals, whether they’re graphics or photos – or maybe they’re a little bit of both – are you sharing?

And how is your audience responding to your visuals?

To help guide your Instagram marketing strategy, we’ve put together our 8 top tips for creating engaging visuals to share with your audience.

By watching the video above, you’ll learn:
– Recommended image sizes
– The best colors to use
– Images vs videos
– How to use emoji in your captions
– Tips for using filters
– Image perspective
And more!

The best way to get started revamping your Instagram marketing and sharing more engaging visuals is to use a professionally designed template to get you started.

Lucky for you, Visme’s template library is full of hundreds of stunning social media graphics that you can share with your audience. You can even animate various elements and download as MP4 to upload an Instagram video.

Start browsing our Instagram post templates here:

To learn even more about Instagram marketing, check out the blog post version of this video:


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  2. 0:51 image size
    1:34 examine colors
    2:51 post videos
    3:31 add emojis
    4:10 consider filters
    4:57 consider images perspective
    5:31 show faces
    6:06 creatively use stories

  3. I wish Instagram was more pc friendly.

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