Instagram for Marketing Business Tips|Make Instagram Video For Business

Instagram for Marketing Business Tips|Make Instagram Video For Business

For THE BEST Instagram for marketing business tips, watch this video on how to make Instagram videos for business! These tips work for any business and is what I used to grow my practice. Get Your FREE Instagram Guide For Healthcare Professionals Here:

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In this video Dr Yazdan gives you the best Instagram for marketing business tips as she show you how to make Instagram video for business. You will learn how to make Instagram videos whether you are using instagram for dentists, or social media for doctors, Instagram video is the best way to create video for social media marketing. Get more engagement on instagram with videos for Instagram. Learn how to promote business on social media with Instagram video

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19 Thoughts to “Instagram for Marketing Business Tips|Make Instagram Video For Business”

  1. Thanks for watching! Comment below with how you're making Instagram videos!

  2. Thank you Dr. for awesome videos. I have never been an instagram user and hardly knew how it works( I am old , I know!!!) however I am very much interested to learn about it. I opened my start up office two years ago and one of my assistants made an instagram for my office and now when I look back, there is nothing engaging and interesting in it. and I have bunch of random followers . How can I choose my followers? where from?If I didn't even have one follower, how would I get one? I know who my ideal patients are but I don't know how to find them so I can socialize with them.
    Any tips how to start? I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

  3. Nice advice and helpful, thank you. 😊

  4. Tripod 🙂 Thanks for this video, the tips were super helpful!

  5. Such great tips for any business looking to get some good videos affordably.

  6. I have only made a couple of videos so I need to do more!

  7. I am really at awe at the many views you always get with your videos. I am using Inshot app to create the vertical videos for IGTV. Thank you for these tips. Have a lovely day!

  8. These are amazing tips I need to utilize them!

  9. Great tips and strategies – thanks

  10. I use iMovie, too. I am not super tech savvy, either. 🙂 Great tips!

  11. Nice video tutorial. I really like your Instagram account. How long have you had (if I can ask)?

  12. I love how you are doing all of this on your phone…great quality!!

  13. I definitely want to add more video to my IG, thanks for this! ❤️

  14. These are great insta tips. I plan to use vide in my coaching practice and these tips are helpful!

  15. Thank you for the tips, awesome video!👌😀

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