Inside Jeff Bezos' $80 Million NYC Mega-Home

Inside Jeff Bezos' $80 Million NYC Mega-Home

Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO, recently purchased the components of an $80 million New York City mega-residence. Before Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, purchased a three-level penthouse at 212 Fifth Avenue and two additional apartments, CNBC got a tour of the triplex with Sotheby’s International Realty broker Nikki Field.

Jeff Bezos’ new penthouse at 212 Fifth Avenue has five bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms and a seven-room master suite. Moreover, Bezos’ master bathroom contains a tub with views of the Empire State Building.

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Inside Jeff Bezos’ $80 Million NYC Mega-Home


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43 Thoughts to “Inside Jeff Bezos' $80 Million NYC Mega-Home”

  1. Bezos earned $80m when this video starts then ends.

  2. هر چه داری نوش جونت چشم حسودات بترکه

  3. When the Ad is longer than the video…

  4. I love how he can wast massive amounts of money on more places to live while the people who make his massive fortune for him live like slaves and his money goes to ruining middle class America while helping fund mass un sponsored and organized invasion of america from other country.

  5. just f*kn 80M? his net worth 130Billion.

  6. I'm not impressed. More of an office,closer to a jail. I win a million, give a me 3 bedroom brick ranch with a 3 car garage, a woody station wagon, smack dab in the middle of 20 acres. I'm set for life

  7. why would you live in new york smh…

  8. Size does matter ok old lady

  9. He's bought it for orgies.

  10. Mr beast laughing quietly in the back

  11. Instead of buying another house . . you should have spent the 80 million helping humanity . .

  12. Looks cheap and bad for richest man on the world

  13. Looked kinda lame for $80M

  14. what the… this looks like crap. the view the place…

  15. All this and no pool? I call LAMEEEEO card!

  16. most times these expensive apartments and houses are decorated very plain, but i love how much space they have…you can do cartwheels everywhere!

  17. Idk why but a glass foosball table make me feel uncomfortable

  18. I didn't like the interior decor

  19. /ec

    Крым Украина

  20. Tiles in the master bathroom are 80,000$ a tile!

  21. What's the use of a house this big without a bunch of beautiful women? Bezos should get himself 10 wives

  22. Why nyc though??? That city is garbage.

  23. What a disappointingly short video.

  24. He’s living pretty cheaply for the world’s richest man. The most expensive condo sold in nyc is about $240M.

  25. While so many of his employees can’t event afford to live in their own studio or one bedroom apartments in just about any city where they work. DISGUSTING

  26. Imagine being a real estate agent and Jeff Bezos is your customer.

  27. What the name apartement .????

  28. It's very nice and I definitely added to his wealth with my Amazon addiction over the years 😛

  29. Jeff should of just bought the entire block and make it his home

  30. Bezos will be jerking offf by himself

  31. If NYC wasn’t such a dump hole of a city I’d be jealous 😂😂😂

  32. Bezos: This aint wven my main spot.

  33. 80 million to still have to look at nyc buildings im cool

  34. Underwhelming! And overly priced! not even an UWS or UES address!

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