Insecurities are Life Changing – A 23 Years Old.

Insecurities are Life Changing - A 23 Years Old.

My name is Ibrahim and i want to share Something really powerful i heard from Gary Vee, is to speak OUT LOUD our insecurities, because that way the won’t be insecurities anymore. Once we bring them out, speak about them, present them to the world, we will own them.

That is the intention of that short film. All of us have some insecurity, even the most confident person has some. I wanted to put mine out but more importantly bring to your attention how Weight Lifting helped me conquer my limiting beliefs and got me to be the person that i am now.

Nowadays there is a LOT of young people doing something out of fear to what our families or society would say. I will be happy if at least one person decides to be different, to go against what everybody wants from him/her, if that person decides to fully believe in his/ her potential and go all out for that dream.

Weight Lifting teaches you all the values we need to be succesful, and i want everybody to look at it from a different perspective. If you liked the video leave a comment and follow me and share your journey so we can grow a communnity of people decided to do what THEY want and not what OTHERS want.

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8 Thoughts to “Insecurities are Life Changing – A 23 Years Old.”

  1. This made me want to go train legs!! Great video man! Music was on point. We need more videos like this!

  2. Joder hermano. I am fucking proud of you! Thanks so much. You are brave! Thanks for being my friend. I believe in you and your dreams. You are pure inspiration. Love you brother. Keep dominating

  3. My dude. This video has me so amped up right now and it’s 10 O’clock at night. I love It man, I love Your passion to help others and your determination to succeed. Continue to chase your dreams bro. Nothing is impossible.

  4. Bro, that video was honestly so inspiring. You can do anything you mind towards brotha. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Keep changing lives and most importantly, believe in yourself.

  5. Awesome video my bro. Weight lifting changed my life too. Glad I ran into you on Instagram and been following your journey for well over a year now. Keep pushing my bro as I will keep pushing as well. You helped change my life and I hope I can help change someone else’s.

  6. Super inspiring! I am happy that I was able to see you grow and find your way in Florida. Keep up the good work my friend!

  7. Holy fuck bro, this video is so fire!🔥💯 it gave me chills! Honestly I love it, didn't expect this coming for you.💪🙏

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