Illmind, Nik Stauskas, & Hannah Bronfman | What's the Cost of Your Ambition? | #podSessions 4

Illmind, Nik Stauskas, & Hannah Bronfman | What's the Cost of Your Ambition? | #podSessions 4

I hate to say this because I loved the last three #podSessions, but I really do think that this one was the best yet. I love this format and think that we’re getting better and better about the guests that we’re bringing on for each episode. Super awesome to have Illmind, Nik Stauskas, and Hannah Bronfman all on today’s episode of #podSessions! Let me know what you guys think about today’s episode!


Nik Stauskas:

Hannah Bronfman:

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27 Thoughts to “Illmind, Nik Stauskas, & Hannah Bronfman | What's the Cost of Your Ambition? | #podSessions 4”

  1. Real talk I swear illmind the only producer creating content like he does

  2. Hannah voice is so annoying. She definitely a Kim k fan

  3. I was literally looking up Oprah's first while they were and I glanced at it right after Hannah went "what?" and then I started cackling like mad. This is the best buildup of all time

  4. Woah hold up. I've gone 334 episodes straight without commenting once, but I couldn't avoid this. How did that guy just pronounce balsamic?

  5. Gary I have no clue how you're going to top this pod session. Such an iconic episode! One I'll no doubt come back to every few months to replay. I love illmind he's an amazing dude and creative. I used to produce music but nothing to his degree and I'm currently a marketing director so perhaps that's why I'm so drawn to the topics on this episode but just had to say Great Job and keep them coming!

  6. This is life changing content. I can't wait to hit my goal so I can begin going all in!

  7. Gary, love your work as always. But let's be real about language learning: as someone who uses Google translate, Linguee, WordReference and other language tools to translate and interpret on a daily basis (French to English and back), we are VERY FAR AWAY from automatic language translations straight into your ear. People in 7th grade Spanish class will still need to learn Spanish. Maybe kids in preschool will have the technology you're imagining, but I have serious doubts. For complex uses of language, we are a very long way away: there are just so many ways to misinterpret language and meaning. For example: try to come up with all the different meanings of the combination of these two words "make up"…

  8. 😍😍😍 face the whole time over Hannah!!! Jeez, why you so gorgeous?!!!

  9. These pod sessions have been so beneficial for my business. Thank you so much for the value you bring daily!!

  10. LMAO Gary is such a clown for that Oprah post thing!

  11. The pod sessions always make me laugh 😂

  12. I didn't know any of these guests, but loved hearing from each of them. Really enjoy this format.

  13. so my question for you is, Are you willing to sing along some Migos songs with me during the creation process of new plans? lol

  14. I cant with yall. Moana Where you Are , reminds me that the people need a Chief [executive Officer], I believe it's Me.
    Also, just relying heavily on you to be my inner conscious to extract my true wealth. Nothing else to do but stay on the mega platforms I been on since they were created.

    But, to answer the question: I'm obsessed with the significant, influential, and contriutions I've had in the success of a website/app inclusing [YouTube] (and more) and why yall haven't offered me a TAILORED CAREER like yall Market Businesses.
    Shady deal.

  15. You started with wine, and I started with Amy Winehouse. I'm obsessed with the results.

  16. Holy crap that earpiece sounds amazing! I struggled my ass off to get a C in Spanish in middle school (after I was nearly failing but got help). Granted by taking this class, it helped my dad realized that I could have dyslexia. I got tested and I have it. However, the disability doesn't hold me back. It only gave me answers.

  17. These pod sessions are genuinely organic and dope.All the guest always drop Jewel's of knowledge 🔥.

  18. lmao 45:00 gary almost said "dikembe fingered you" great vid

  19. Her First photo was you that's How it's Done #B3Gang ,That Dre Story Was Great

  20. I love how Gary isn’t afraid to cut people off with the right intention. To make everyone feel like they’re able to talk and to stay on topic and schedule.

    Dope pod sesh.

  21. Nick, Can you record your workouts and eating habits and visits to stores doing shopping for us all. Maybe Facebook watch or youtube? All in post one to one with Gary?

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