IGTV Hashtags: How to Get More People Watching Your Videos

IGTV Hashtags: How to Get More People Watching Your Videos

Wondering how to get more people to watch your IGTV videos? Looking for an IGTV strategy? Instagram marketing expert Jenn Herman shows you what you need to know.

You’ll discover how hashtags work for IGTV, how rankings are determined, and how to expand the reach of your IGTV videos with hashtags.

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— Jenn’s Super Secret Hashtag Recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgNmS2Pdooc
— Jenn’s article about IGTV on Social Media Examiner https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/igtv-what-marketers-need-to-know/

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00:00 Intro
00:39 IGTV Hashtag Recipe
01:22 Advantages of Using IGTV Hashtags
01:55 Where to Put IGTV Hashtags
02:47 How to Get More IGTV Views
03:52 Additional Resources

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39 Thoughts to “IGTV Hashtags: How to Get More People Watching Your Videos”

  1. Hi 👋 Jen met you at NAMM in 2019. What if you put the hashtags as a comment on the page just like you can do for regular posts?

  2. #amazing ideas & information thanks so much urs family…

  3. How about putting hashtags in the comments instead of in the description area?

  4. straight forward , no wastage of time , superb video

  5. Very useful, very informative.Thank you ssoooo much, Jenn.

  6. #TechStellar
    Should I keep my own photo as my theme page profile?

  7. Hello, I want to post a video on Igtv and want to tag my friends who are on the video so they can just “repost” the video… can I tag “regular people”? it only allows me to tag brands 😞

  8. I cand add more than 30 hashtags on fees posts……how?

  9. Thank you!
    Right to the point, informative and a pleasure to watch. Like natural foods, no fillers/additives, just the stuff that counts.

  10. Great tips, I have done those things with igtv #'s but am not ranking/ getting igtv video #s reach, what can be the reasons?( I use niche small #s 20k-100k

  11. Thanks! I needed this information. Very helpfull!!!

  12. Awesome info! Thank you very much!! Question: My vids are already uploaded to IGTV. How can I do the 1 min. "Bonus" that you suggest here and keep that clip on my posts?

  13. Hi, if at first you didn’t include any hashtags, but you add it to your description after it has been online for a few hours, will they still ‘work’ or be found?

  14. how i can show my video in shop menu. Can you share Shop hashtaq strategy with us. thanks in advance if you share video related it.

  15. Thank you – this was very helpful!

  16. Very informative video thank you !

  17. My IGTV videos have a very low impression reach for hashtags. it seems deliberate and very frustrating.. all my other posts do well. there must be some weird lockdown for small creators. my "home" impressions seems to be the only high mark here.. which is good, however, overall reach is squashed. its annoying. any advise?

  18. Heyy jenn .. how do i upload a horizantal landscape video on IGTV. i am not able to do that. Please gelp me out

  19. Great tip! Thanks and God Bless You! 🙂🙏

  20. I just followed the advice in this video, but when i return to my IGTV video to add more hashtags i find that the description field is empty. The hashtags i entered aren't there??

  21. I'm not so sure I'm following. I've used hashtags in specific niches from large to small inside of IGTV posts and also outside in IGTV comments after publishing and to be honest, according to my Business analytics I get TERRIBLE hashtag reach from IGTV. Just horrible reach. It's less than 1%. And my content, as a guitar player, is creating quality live videos that my followers like. So I'm not sure if I buy this IGTV thing, for me it seems to cheapen the brand, conversions are low for me and it just doesnt seem to work at all even with identical tags. I actually posted one today and only my followers liked it… less than 1% hashtag reach. And the video is great. I feel ripped off.

  22. Hey, I'm a new subscriber. Your videos are really helpful! I was watching your video about Instagram hashtags for feed posts & I tried the method the likes are still low compared to the hashtag reach insight info, I was wondering if there is anyway around that since I've been struggling to fix it ( I'm a fanpage )

  23. You provide the best IG free tips anywhere online, seriously, second to none.

  24. So, only IG description can add hashtags that are clickable. Feed posts can't do that. And of course stories.

  25. Hi, what if i forget to click post a preview and i already publish it?
    Can i still edit it ?

  26. I just don't get it. A fraction 1mim video as a regular post gets 20 times more reach than the same video on igtv with exactly the same hashtags, even with a 1min preview

  27. Does it matter if I put the hashtags as a comment instead of the description so that it looks nicer?

  28. I didn't know about the vertical real estate your video takes up versus a regular Instagram post. Wow. This is some next level stuff. I thought the preview was just some lame feature. I'm glad you explained its significance in this video. I didn't know about any of this 😲

  29. Thank you guys for all your tips. you are the best.

  30. Thanks, Jenn! Super helpful and so totally appreciated!

  31. This video in bodies compitent teaching.

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