I Spent $4,978 On Products To Flip Online | Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage

I Spent $4,978 On Products To Flip Online | Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage

I Spent $4,978 On Products To Flip Online | Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage

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22 Thoughts to “I Spent $4,978 On Products To Flip Online | Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage”

  1. What app do you use on your phone to find profitable products while in the stores?

  2. are receipt 🧾 valid to sell on Amazon ?

  3. What if Amazon asks for invoices? (as confirmation of the inventory source). Will Amazon accept receipts from Walmart etc. They are not wholesalers, so are we in danger of closing our account if we do RA?

  4. Hey Garret! Love the videos! Congrats on all of your success! I was wondering how you got ungated. for Nike and Adidas and how long it took you. Thanks for the time!

  5. Hey, what’s your Facebook because I want to ask you a couple questions. Thank you

  6. How do you pre the toys (Poopsie)? Any need to poly bag?

  7. When you get invited from categories like Nike, adidas shoes you got it … It just go, scan and then resell on Amazon and eBay

  8. Great video, you are sharing a lot of value in these types of videos.
    Are you scanning the tags with your phone at burlington/ross or typing in style codes?
    Also, are you prepping the shoes without box when sending into FBA in a specific manner and selling as new?

  9. So this is why I can’t find anything at AZ Mills and the other outlets lol

  10. Thanks for the video! Just subbed

  11. What app do you use to scan and check prices?

  12. Don’t do Crocs on Amazon! I got 3 IP “suspected” complaints yesterday 🤦‍♂️

  13. My adidas refused to sell to me when I tried to buy a bunch. Manager said it’s there policy to refuse resellers if they suspect you are. Have you heard of this? Others have same issue I heard

  14. Garret, great job. Ste you ungated in all tennis/ athletic shoes? Super video haul.

  15. Would be interesting if you talk about your pricing strategy for RA on amazon. The differences if amazon also sells the item or if you only compete with other sellers.

  16. Hey Garret! Love the video man!! I had a question for you. How do you find good contacts at the Outlets (Like Managers or Supervisors)? I find that some places tend to be a little less nice to me when they find out I am a reseller. I want to make some good contacts like you so I can have those people calling me so I can buy out there inventory. Just subscribed too!!

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