I Spent $388 Thrifting Goodwill! What Did I Find to Sell on Ebay and Amazon FBA?

I Spent $388 Thrifting Goodwill! What Did I Find to Sell on Ebay and Amazon FBA?

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Uline 14×20 Poly Bags (Best for Clothes) : http://amzn.to/1sqQg4q
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48 Thoughts to “I Spent $388 Thrifting Goodwill! What Did I Find to Sell on Ebay and Amazon FBA?”

  1. – Why people are so lazy? Just go and buy your own things and not buy 2nd hand things on the internet. Is you want 2nd hand things go yourself.

  2. Are LeapPads still popular? Most parents now a days have an iPad with apps for their toddler/child.

  3. I spend that much, or more almost every time I go to a thrift store.

  4. I met up with two young Goodwill employees last night while I was ringing them up at my store and they were saying the prices have gone up for 2020

  5. That Krups espresso machine is worth like $80

  6. Goodwill prices have gone up, and seem to keep going up.. Sad😪

  7. 7:03 so none of yall gonna mention what it said

  8. I would’ve paid for the boobs in my coffee mug that is hilarious 😂

  9. 32 degrees is quite cold. Really??;))

  10. I dont think they are, I went today got a Ralph lauren pink heavy sweater 4.99, a ann taylor 3/4 button up sweater 5.99. I think they have great things. I also look for pyrex and when I find their prices are good on them too.

  11. Hot wheels have a select few that are treasure hunts they have a flame on the car but also on the card behind the car in package as well. Those do sell for more in the resell community

  12. Man breaking down the blue rays is an awesome idea

  13. At the rate they are raising their prices on goods that doesn’t cost them a thing, Goodwill is beginning to price themselves out of business and even poor people can’t afford to shop there anymore. Kind of reminds me of years ago when companies would require you to give to United Way.

  14. The Starbuck's mugs would be important to someone from that specific state.

  15. J Lindeberg is expensive. Swiss or Norwegian, I believe.

  16. You got my sub on this video… can't wait to show my wife hahahahahahahahahaha!

  17. Anyone that is selling used VCRs please check them first to make sure that they are 100% do not just plug them in and see if it powers on only. If it's a combo unit make sure that both sides work 100%. You did not want to piss off any potential buyers and that goes for all of us. I long-term test everything. I sell to make sure that the buyer gets what he or she wants. This will be good for future sales and buyers will return to buy another and not just return it to the if it is found defective. This is very important and especially on eBay where seller abuse could happen to sellers if we piss buyers off with broken junk other than noted in the listing if it is.

  18. You might already do this, but I would keep an eye out for Tervis Tumblers!!

  19. People can be trashy, pulling stuff out and leaving it on the floor to be stepped on and rendered unsaleable. See it all the time.

  20. Hotwheels are a buck at the 99 Cent Only Store

  21. This guys name should be chuckles

  22. ebay stopped allowing sole digital code sales, now only if you include the disc as a bundle…

  23. Be on the lookout for the chalk painted Starbucks mugs, you can get the writing off, and they sell quite well?

  24. Good haul! With the amount u put in GW’s register though, I’m curious, did u ask to see the manager for any possible discount? even 10% is a decent discount in this case. Just wondering

  25. The hot flush mug!!! Love love love! I would have dived on that!!!

  26. Good job. I just bought $70 in items for $500 profit.

  27. Did u ask the Goodwill for a discount if you bought all the kid ipads at once?

  28. I no lonher shop at Goodwill. Ours sell near retail. Used shoes for up to $24.99, jeans up to 17.99. No thanks.

  29. Goodwill is getting higher priced all the time. Corporate keeps pushing higher prices on the stores to pad there wallets a little more.

  30. Our goodwill looks everything up online before they price it and they raised their prices for 2020.

  31. Found a Toshiba vhs/dvd combo for 9 bucks today. Online it goes for $60 without the remote. Take it home, pop in the DVD, everything works, pop in a vhs and the power turns off. Already know its no good, had the same problem with a combo like this before. I tried using a can of air to clean it out, it does play but playback is really bad, a lot of lines. Then power cuts off again. Damn, really nice looking too. Oh well. I still will buy them without the remote, I have success selling them. Just needs a lot of meat left on the bone. I just bought one that works perfectly for $5, without remote selling it for $40.

  32. I had to tune in to see what in the world you would spend $388 on. I dont buy used electronics.

  33. Whats your standard pay for price for dvds and cds?

  34. Goodwill is on to all of you eBay and Amazon sellers! Their prices are higher now because all of you re-sellers keep BLABBERING about what you're doing! They're not Stupid! Why do all you eBay sellers keep giving away your trade secrets anyway? That's just ABSURD!!! You ALL Trade on the SAME platform looking for that SAME Buyer… Helloooo!!! Now you have competition that you might not otherwise have had if you had kept your mouth shut. Not good business sense when you're trying to make money… I get what you're doing but you're cutting into your Own Profits… all of you YouTube/eBay and Amazon Sellers are. 🤐 ZIP-IT! 🤐 = 🤑

  35. The mug wasn't really hidden

  36. I would lot the 2 Starbucks mugs together for 39.99 plus shipping, and use GSP.

  37. You want scary? Look at prices on goodwill online

  38. Goodwill is up pricing not your imagination lol

  39. I legit just bought that hello kitty boom box for my gf

  40. go back for the hello kitty boombox and i will buy it from you lol

  41. Hey I am very interested in trying to do what you do! Question though, when you send it into amazon what happens? Do they store it for you and give you money when you sell it or do they pay you a certain amount right away so that they can sell it? Also how do you get that app? Is there a video that can help me out? Just let me know!😊

  42. I don't see how there really is any money selling hot wheels unless you buy on a huge scale and even then what are the cars like 99 cents. im allowed to sell them on amazon but i never have .

  43. It's funny the whole time I was watching this I was thinking it looks like the Goodwill I used to go to all the time when I lived in CT and then you said your in CT neat!

  44. Goodwill is so overpriced here in Massachusetts.

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