I Filled My Living Room With Clearance Doing Retail Arbitrage!

I Filled My Living Room With Clearance Doing Retail Arbitrage!

My living room is packed full of clearance I bought while out doing retail arbitrage for Amazon FBA and eBay.

Buying and selling clearance on Amazon is a great way to make money! Not everything is able to be sold on Amazon, so I suggest using eBay, Mercari, craigslist, and Facebook market place to move inventory and make a profit!

I found all of this before the stay at home order!




I’m Wick and I am a reseller for a living. I find things at garage sales, thrift stores, and even clearance at retail stores to sell. I do online arbitrage, retail arbitrage, and buy locally. While the majority of my business is done through Amazon FBA, I also sell on eBay or anywhere else I can flip the junk that I find.

I also trade stocks and futures, do affiliate marketing, and Merch by Amazon to make money online. My goal is to live a free life away from the typical 9-5 job.

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Q: What Apps do you use to sell online (eBay and Amazon)?

A: I search the eBay sold and completed listings to get an idea of what products are selling for. I use the Amazon Seller App to scan for FBA.

Q: Can you make a living selling online?

A: Yes, the difficulty is based on how much effort you put in and how much you need to make each month. I do this full time.

Q: Where do you find your clearance products to resell?

A: Literally everywhere. Check end caps and look for clearance aisles, but mostly it will be mixed in. Ask a manager if there’s any good clearance deals and build a relationship if possible.

Q: Do you make a full-time living selling online?

A: I do. All my bills are covered, I’m able to save a good amount, and put money back into the business. I also do other things to make money, but reselling is the meat. It takes a lot of work and dedication to make a full-time living reselling.

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14 Thoughts to “I Filled My Living Room With Clearance Doing Retail Arbitrage!”

  1. What store did you get the sawzaw?

  2. Love the video. If you want to share some eBay Tote listings that would be awesome.

  3. You don't have no female living there. At least none I've known and lived with would put up with having all that stuff in the living area

  4. Do you specifically go out to individual stores looking for these RA deals. Or do you just stumble upon these?

  5. Love your videos, have a video idea for you.
    I think I have finding and listing down… but there so many shipping options, could you do a video on how you decide to ship items- priority, media, ups, etc and maybe some packing tips.
    Do you just go to the post office and get the boxes?? I find your videos easy to comprehend and haven’t found any decent videos about shipping things!!!!

  6. Wick are u still going to hit the big box store for sourcing ?

  7. Nice score on the faucets and the rest of the RA. Thanks for the video.

  8. "Apperantly, it will take several years for them to sell them but they will sell at some point."

  9. Why don’t u sell power tools on amazon anymore?

  10. Looks like my house. I’m about to sell mine and get a larger one with a bigger garage. This damn coronavirus is delaying everything

  11. Thanks for the Retail Arbitrage video. I learn new stuff all the time.

  12. beautiful to see what successful RA looks like. Thanks Wick!

  13. Thanks Wick say safe. Here in Indiana it is a hot zone. We are definitely playing hermit!

  14. Nice pickup on those saws! Would you say you have better luck on clearance at Home Depot or Lowes?

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